Technology developed to track spread of coronavirus could be abused, privacy campaigner warns

2022.01.16 16:35 Franco1875 Technology developed to track spread of coronavirus could be abused, privacy campaigner warns

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2022.01.16 16:35 deadinsidethrowaway_ ECO102 Brandt and Vellekoop practice problems?/ how to study

for 101 I didn't touch the textbook, watched the lecture videos intently and just grinded on the problem sets and ended up w a mark I'm happy with.
now I'm in 102 and I'm kinda uneasy because I can only find a 3 question problem set per week. This is nothing in contrast to the gazzale problem sets. I am skimming the textbook but I'm not doing all the readings because honestly in 101 that was useless.
I downloaded a pdf version of the book but the syllabus recommends buying the book in order to get access to problem sets that are "less difficult but still useful" I'm considering it but I don't wanna waste money just not to get use out of these problem sets.
Any sources on relevant practice for this course or just how to succeed in this course generally
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2022.01.16 16:35 RandomDoorHinges The Hingian Hell Hole

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2022.01.16 16:35 Rybergs Sarah

Hello, here is my new character Sarah.

I sculpted her in zbrush and polypainted her there.

Retopology - hair - lighting - eyes etc ( everything else ) was done in blender with a final color correction in photoshop.
Rendered with Cycles in blender 3.0

Really did tried to push me self here.
if u want a follow on artstation and instagram would be very appreciated
Cheers /Johan
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2022.01.16 16:35 Lukeyboy1589 Even when the pay is good, there’s always a catch somewhere. We’re rooting for you all at BNSF.

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2022.01.16 16:35 NerdyGurl4life Editorial: Sad end for camera saga at South Bend fire station. Broader issues still not over.

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2022.01.16 16:35 AdventurousAd1381 Best free discord no cap

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2022.01.16 16:35 Nell121212 Lazy football afternoon!

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2022.01.16 16:35 JuniperJane21 A Christian’s thoughts on SLF retreat, cont.

I had some time to waste today during my baby’s nap and decided to lurk on a few SLF retreat attendees who have their instas completely open. Great for me, a total stranger living in Germany, not so great for their children’s’ privacy which doesn’t exist, apparently. If you’re going to associate yourself with someone who has an entire Reddit page dedicated to discerning her every move, you should probably take the necessary steps to protect your own privacy — not to mention that of your own children. PERSEC, mamas. Look in to it.
Anyways! Since the last post I did seems to have been helpful, I thought I would add in more thoughts as a practicing Christian on this (waves hand absentmindedly) whatever this thing is. Once again, a disclaimer: I am not ordained, I have never been to seminary, and I hold no current leadership position in a church. I have been a Christian for a long, long time now, and speak Evangelical jargon well. I ask my fellow Christians to chime in with their own thoughts on the topic!
I have participated in many retreats (pre-Covid, naturally) over the years, some big productions like Fuge youth camp, some smaller like church D-Now* weekends or a women’s all-day event. Regardless of the size of the event - whether it is a week-long event, a weekend away, or a few hours on a Saturday — people plan months in advance. There is a set curriculum put together, a devotional book or set theme. The guest speakers are vetted, accredited speakers with a long standing in ministry. And there is almost always some service related portion. When we were teens during D-Now weekends, we would go to the community pantry and reorganize the donated food, clean up the space, etc. We would deliver meals and cards to the housebound, sort clothing for donation, etc.
As an adult, the women’s events I have participated in, there are men present but it’s the men’s Sunday school classes there to cook lunch for us. Other than that, they’re completely out of the picture.
I think it is really telling that no religious organization (Mercy Culture or any other church) has aligned itself with BDong’s SLF. I know some Charismatic/Nondenominational churches prefer to not be under the governing blanket of church leaders (Southern Baptists have the Southern Baptist Convention, Methodists and Presbyterians have their own governing elders, etc). Without an elected convention of leaders and elders, there’s really no “rule book,” so to say, regarding what can or cannot be taught, or who can or cannot teach. Even the few times that I volunteered as a college mentor to my old church’s youth group events, I had to be vetted not only spiritually in order to be a spiritual mentor — I also had a background check done in order to be around minors. I highly doubt that BDong and JDong with their own criminal backgrounds, would even think of checking any of their so-called speakers.
How exactly are the sessions conducted? Clearly, judging by the repeat venues, speakers, musicians, and decor, not a lot of planning goes in to these weekends. It all feels very haphazard.
Does someone just go up and start speaking? Do they follow a specific devotional? I find it very curious that in all of the performative posts of Bible pages from attendees, the only highlighted verses are ones about standing your ground and the defeat of enemies. This is highly concerning to me since it looks like BDong is focusing on the message of warfare in her grift, rather than the true teaching of peace of salvation through Christ Jesus. It is blatant disrespect and totally unacceptable.
*D-Now stands for Discipleship Now. It’s a popular youth group weekend ministry where the different high school grades would stay at different host homes in town, typically a home belonging to the parents of a student, and two college students would be assigned per group to be mentors and lead after session discussions. The sessions were taught by a guest pastor, the different youth group bands would preform, the parents would be active in discussions, community service events, and games. It was great and I have a lot of fond memories as both a student attending and as a college student mentoring.
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2022.01.16 16:35 Pale_Importance_8961 RARE NFT

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2022.01.16 16:35 FarOffGrace1 Why I absolutely can't stand The Rite of Turnabout (Spirit Of Justice Case 3)

[Spoilers are abound in this post, most specifically with the third case of Spirit of Justice, but also for numerous other games in the series, including all of the original trilogy, Apollo Justice, and of course Spirit Of Justice (even the stuff after case 3).]
I should be clear and say that this post isn't intended to "convince" anyone who likes this case to dislike it. I just feel like I need to express my thoughts on this case, and I hope you guys can see where my argument is coming from, even if you don't agree.
So, throughout 2021, I played every single Ace Attorney game (with the exception of the Layton crossover, because I'm not familiar with the Professor Layton series). Over the course of that time, I found that, for the most part, every case at least has one redeeming factor.
With the Ace Attorney games, I find that there are a few core features that define whether or not I enjoy a case. The first is the mystery of a case - whether the "whodunnit" aspect is compelling, surprising, and engaging to figure out. The second is the humour, because at its core, I believe Ace Attorney to be a comedic series. The third is the characterisation, which does partially link to the humour, but also ties into how well the characters come across when you interact with them. These three aspects are what I find appealing in Ace Attorney cases.
Generally, the weaker cases of the series, in my opinion, lack one of these aspects. I actually think Turnabout Big Top gets a bit too much flack, but I will 100% agree that it has several issues. The whole "everyone is in love with this 16 y/o girl" is really uncomfortable, the humour isn't really that strong, and the fact that pressing Moe's testimony gives you a penalty unless you press the right statement is really frustrating. However, I'll argue that figuring out how the killer committed the murder is quite fun, even if the game doesn't really give you a chance to figure out who the killer is until near the end of the case. Even if there's a huge leap in physics for how the cape attached itself to the bust, I did enjoy piecing it all together, and it was kind of satisfying to corner Acro in the end. Plus, it did give us some fun interactions between Maya and Phoenix, which Justice For All does lack quite a lot of. So, despite its flaws, it does have some aspects that make it bearable to me.
The same goes for my formerly-least-favourite Ace Attorney case, Recipe For A Turnabout. I find Jean Armstrong a pretty irritating and unfun character, the culprit was really obvious and the plot was very contrived. However, that said, I think the comedy was pretty much on-point. Gumshoe's characterisation alone saves that case (literally, at one point), and the bit with Maya in a waitress outfit was pretty fun too. Not a case I like a whole lot, but it has some bright spots.
See, when these cases lack mystery, they make up for it in humour. When they lack humour, they make up for it in mystery. But the characterisation usually ties it all together. The Rite Of Turnabout, in my opinion, has absolutely none of these redeeming factors.
First, I'll give you my stance on Spirit Of Justice as a whole. Everything outside of Khura'in, I enjoy. The Magical Turnabout? Incredibly fun. Turnabout Storyteller? Don't get why it gets so much hate, Geiru and Uendo are really fun characters IMO, and Simon Blackquill had me in stitches throughout. The start of the final case, with Dhurke showing up, Paul Atishion being a smarmy jerk, and Armie, that stuff is all enjoyable too (except for the fact that Phoenix is being blackmailed, it feels too much like a rehash of Farewell My Turnabout). And Turnabout Time Traveller has some sorely-needed interactions with Phoenix and Maya, and Ellen Wyatt is a really fun defendant with some great over-the-top animations.
But everything in Khura'in, from the worldbuilding, to the way they inform the player about the world, down to the characters in the country themselves, just doesn't work for me. The Defence Culpability act is explained so many times in the first case, when it's a really simple concept to understand. The constant info-dumping is exhausting. And it is so obvious who the ultimate bad guy is in this game.
Enough about the game as a whole, though. Let's get back on topic with The Rite Of Turnabout, and why it works on absolutely no level for me.
First of all, Maya is the defendant. I know there's a running joke among fans that Maya gets accused of murder a lot, but I feel like the original trilogy handled this much better. In Turnabout Sisters, she is introduced as the defendant in the case. That is the whole intro for her character - you see her not only grieving for her sister, but also dejected because she's been accused of killing her. So when you eventually clear her name, and see how she normally is - upbeat, a bit weird, and mischievous - it's very gratifying. You did that. You saved her and made her feel better. Then in Reunion & Turnabout, her spot as defendant is justified because she is the specific target for being framed. It wasn't enough that Turner Grey had to die - it was imperative that it looked as though Maya did it. That was integral to the plan, and made all the more believable because she was (supposedly) channelling a spirit at the time. It even leaves the player unsure of if she did it or not.
The Rite Of Turnabout has her as the defendant because... well, no reason specifically. She's just there, and gets the murder pinned on her. So this not only writes her out of 90% of the case, but it also means that it doesn't even feel justified from a writing perspective. This game's marketing was built largely around Maya's return, and yet she's written out of the first case she's in, three cases into the game. Yeah, not a great start.
But this case only gets worse from there, in my opinion. The mystery is incredibly dissatisfying. It's sort of meant to be a locked room mystery, but the first investigation tells you very little about what actually happened on the day of the murder. I don't recall any useful evidence really turning up, and ultimately just being really disinterested in everything happening. So basically, it took waiting for the Divination Séance to really start understanding what may have happened. And even then, there's a very big focus on which way the victim was facing, and what happened, and it's ultimately more confusing than anything else.
The mystery also falls short with the microcosm that is Datz Are'bal. An unknown guy shows up out of nowhere at the same time that a prison convict escapes from prison? Yeah, gee, I wonder who this mystery person could be. Like... seriously? Ace Attorney has had its fair share of obvious twists, but they treat this one as if it's like, a super hidden and obscure twist that no one will see coming. They build it up for a long while, too, and it's just... No. And right after that, Datz basically tries to throw Maya under the bus to save his own skin.
Now, I wouldn't mind that... if he wasn't a recurring character, and a comic relief character at that. He's portrayed as such a "haha look how funny I am" goofball later, and yet I'm just bitterly thinking "You tried to pin a murder Maya didn't commit on her, which put both her AND Phoenix at risk of death". And he shows pretty much no remorse for his actions. I think he says a casual "sorry" like, ONCE, and then it's brushed under the rug. At least a character like Lotta, who has falsely accused Maya before, was genuinely trying to bring the right person to justice, and genuinely regretted what she did. But Datz? Dude doesn't even seem to care.
Then we have Rayfa, who I really want to like, but she's so insufferable for most of the game that I really can't. It was very obvious from the outset that she was going to have an arc where she matures and realises that her country's traditions are pretty horrific, but her characterisation remains stagnant throughout most of the game, and I feel like every scene with her in this game ends with "I hope you get declared guilty and die!", which is absolutely no help whatsoever. Oh, and Ema Skye, who should have acted as a character that provides a bit of levity, hardly shows up in this case.
And then there's Nahyuta, who is not only my absolute least-favourite prosecutor in the series, but also just one of my least-favourite Ace Attorney characters generally. He comes up with this absolutely abysmal theory in the trial's first day, that directly contradicts the divination séance (which they treat as the most valuable piece of evidence, culturally) and also has no material evidence to support it, and what happens? Phoenix doesn't object to it, no one argues against it, and Maya (and consequently, Phoenix), get declared guilty. Are you SERIOUS?! Nahyuta pulls a theory that makes absolutely no sense out of nowhere, about the angle Maya stabbed at, and everyone just accepts it? Why is Phoenix portrayed as so incompetent here? I understand wanting to give him his personality from the original trilogy, and that's fine, but he's a seasoned lawyer at this point. He shouldn't be portrayed as a complete novice and incompetent like he is here.
One of the few bright spots in this case, if you can even call it that, is Beh'leeb Inmee. She's about the only character who isn't absolutely hateable, but even then... I mostly just feel really bad for her. She's in mourning for her husband, and she's also dealing with the trauma of having committed manslaughter. Her coping mechanism is to pretend that her husband is still with her and do an impression of him. It's played for laughs, but... it's just kind of sad. I feel really sorry for her.
And then... Then there's Tah'rust Inmee.
Okay... so Ace Attorney has done suicide cases before. There were elements of suicide in Farewell My Turnabout, and they were handled very carefully and tastefully with Adrian Andrews' character. Heck, Apollo Justice has elements of a suicide at one point, and that was, in my opinion, also done well. This... This is not a good suicide case.
So, first of all, Tah'rust Inmee finds out his wife had mistakenly killed a man. And his response is, naturally, to try and protect his wife from the consequences. I understand that. But his idea is absolutely stupid. His wife is dealing with the trauma of having murdered someone, and his best idea is to kill himself and make it look like a murder to take suspicion off of his wife? You're telling me that this guy, who claims to love his wife so much, decides that the best thing to do for her is to leave her forever by ending his own life? Before you tell me "There was no other option", yes there was. There was an abundance of options. If he wanted to play the martyr, you know what he could have done? Confessed to the murder himself, gone on trial for her. Then at least no one else would be hurt by the tragedy. Alternatively, he could have trusted Phoenix Wright, the ONLY lawyer to get an innocent verdict in several years in the country, to make sure his wife wasn't found guilty, or to make sure he wasn't found guilty. But even if he had to stage it to make the murder look different, why frame Maya? They literally say that Maya was treated like family in that household, but they still use her as a scapegoat for Beh'leeb's crime? Which is it? Is she family, or a useful scapegoat? You can't have it both ways.
There were so many other ways out of this situation - make the manslaughter look like an accident by dropping the body off the mountain, or something like that - but Tah'rust specifically chose to orchestrate a plot which meant he abandoned his wife by killing himself, adding to her trauma, and putting Maya's own life at risk. It's a despicable plot.
But you know the worst part about it? He's treated like a noble and loving husband. He gets a beautiful, moving send off at the end of the case. He's treated like he did the only thing he could, like he did it out of love, like he was so great. No! He's a horrible person, and the fact that they treat him like the good guy makes me sick to my stomach.
Not only that, but he gets channelled by Maya, and... well, let's just say the reasons for Maya only ever channelling female characters in the original trilogy has suddenly become really apparent. His design is too creepy to be taken as funny, and yet too silly to be taken seriously. It's the worst of both worlds, and all his contortionist stuff is hard to watch.
He's not even fun to corner, having TWO "press all statements" testimonies IN A ROW.
I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot about this case, but I hope this explains to some of you how someone can dislike this case. If you disagree, feel free to hold that opinion, but I guarantee there's no way you can change my thoughts on it. I just hate this case, through and through. It's a slog to get through, and has no redeeming qualities in my eyes.
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2022.01.16 16:35 Dorian_G89 Suite tickets question

Does anyone know if the grant Thornton chairman suite tickets are all inclusive or is that something you purchase separately?
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2022.01.16 16:35 D4rkside666 WebSerie, ja estão todos eps em ordem nessa playlist

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2022.01.16 16:35 agingsage 26 M [chat] online/anywhere - Is there space for one more person in your life?

I'm a 26 year old techie who spends his time working, browsing social media or gaming. Like you, I'm here after endless cycles of getting to know new people, liking them, and watching them leave eventually. A quick question, would the existence of a relationship take away the reasons you have for still using this subreddit? It probably would for me. I'm not implying that people don't need friendships if they are in a relationship. I just feel that we have a lot of social energy left to be used and built up loneliness when we aren't in a relationship. Given that, we'd probably still seek friends but not so actively. Having said that, I'm not looking for a relationship. Just looking for people to talk to, people who can help me feel less lonely. About expectations, I don't really have any. We could talk just today, or for weeks, or months. I'd prefer texting on Reddit at least at this point in time.
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2022.01.16 16:35 jggearhead10 Recommendations / best practices for picking out a super-automatic?

Tl;dr: Looking to switch from nespresso to superauto. Want to hear thoughts on brew quality, longevity, things to avoid. Any model recommendations would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

My wife and I have been a Nespresso convert since our trip to France about 3 years ago (an air BnB had one and we got hooked). Since then, our Delonghi Pixie has been faithfully pushing out 6-8 quite decent espressos and lungos daily. We started to take a hard look at the fact that we're spending well over $1000 each year on these pods and want to make a switch. I personally am into coffee and used to make myself aeropress, pour-overs, and french press coffee daily before we lived together so I definitely wouldn't mind a more complex system but... my wife did K-cups and loves the convenience of a consistent cup of coffee delivered quickly with minimal fuss. Any thoughts on a good superautos that can make decent lungos / pressure brewed coffee under $1500 US? A few I am are considering are the Gaggia Velasca Prestige, Miele CM5500, and the Jura D6. We hope to get at least 5 years out of anything we get and hope that the unit can be serviced if we have problems so repeatability is key to a point. Most espresso machine repair shops local to me say they repair all three of these brands so hopefully that won't be a problem. Are there any other machines I should consider or any problems I should be aware of before dropping this amount of money on a coffee machine? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!
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2022.01.16 16:35 Intelligent_Yak7495 How to duplicate delete folders that won’t delete

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2022.01.16 16:35 e4rthdog Crosswinds on RWY11 a Chania LGSA, today.

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2022.01.16 16:35 ryoma5009 Danganronpa band geeks part 4

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2022.01.16 16:35 eyestolen Would you put him above any 2021 DFE? which unit?

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2022.01.16 16:35 ZagyvaFeathers I found an old Pentacon 200mm f/4 at my parents' house, this is the first video I made with it

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2022.01.16 16:35 ChillGrape Did a rescape on my first tank. What do you think?

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2022.01.16 16:35 FHLBot Olympique Marseille vs Lille - Ligue 1, 16-Jan-2022

Match: Olympique Marseille vs Lille
Competition: Ligue 1
Date: 16-Jan-2022
Time: 19:45 GMT (convert to local time)
Venue: Orange Vélodrome
Referee: A. Delerue
Do not post any spoilers, follow the rules, and make sure to upvote the contributors if you liked their content.
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2022.01.16 16:35 5igorsk Козломобиль. Мексика, предположительно 1880-1900г. Свернуть Мощность - одна козлиная сила. Непонятно только, как они его заставляли ногами шевелить. Козлы ведь достаточно упрямы.

Козломобиль. Мексика, предположительно 1880-1900г. Свернуть Мощность - одна козлиная сила. Непонятно только, как они его заставляли ногами шевелить. Козлы ведь достаточно упрямы. submitted by 5igorsk to Tay_5 [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 16:35 ArrogantYankee Reminder: Us Northerners are born with super human powers to drive in snow and ice

Good day yal'l. As a superior New Yorker I just want to give a gentle reminder to the locals that everyone that moved here from the North was born with a superhuman ability to drive on snow and ice. Below is a list on this and all weather related facts:

Now if you will excuse me, I will be slaloming towards Wegmans today in my SUV without using turn signals. I don't actually need anything (I was there this morning), I just want to flex my superior driving skills as the locals sit with their jaws agape as I effortlessly maneuver through this so called "winter weather".
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