2022.01.16 16:01 INFERNOZ7X Yes.....

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2022.01.16 16:01 procryptoclass OINK CLUB NFT scammed you Metafrog Business Club do it again - Benjamin Aizik & Ryan Klooger scam

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2022.01.16 16:01 DongerMuffin EZ ACE
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2022.01.16 16:01 RegulatoryCapturedMe Will a conservatorship help homelessness in San Diego County?

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2022.01.16 16:01 DepressedCunt1912 Help with mods Fo4

Hey guys so i decided to download some weapon mods and stuff and i have deactivated some of them that are not compatible but somehow im getting like broken pipe gun, shotgun and AR i dont know if this has to do with survival difficulty or if its a bug, like i killed a raider that had a weapon then looted him but got the broken thing as i said.
Anybody know why this is happening?
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2022.01.16 16:01 sc2_Nightmare 'ChrysaLecter' by Rocket-LawnChair

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2022.01.16 16:01 migu63 The only legend that I’m still missing and I got him in first try. How cool was that!!!

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2022.01.16 16:01 drgdscglf First 180! 24g Red Dragon Gerwyn Price darts.

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2022.01.16 16:01 AFSD612017 How do Asian restaurants make those incredible sweet, savory, spicy green beans? I’ve tried a bunch of recipes but I can never nail it.

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2022.01.16 16:01 dancingdragongames We are an indie team of 2 and have been developing a new SRPG series since 2016 called Symphony of War, and it's finally ready to release the first episode in 2022! Primary influences are Ogre Battle and Fire Emblem - Please AMA!

Hello JRPG,
Phil here, co-founder of Dancing Dragon Games, and lead dev/music composewriter for Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga. After 6 years and pouring my entire soul into this project, here we are...
This new game series, largely inspired by classics such as Ogre Battle, Fire Emblem, Langrisser, and a few others, has been in development using a new proprietary SRPG script suite/engine since 2016 and the Steam coming soon page finally went up!
The game: Symphony of War is a SRPG in which the player builds up a large Army over the course of the whole game, using Squads of 1 to 9 units. These units can be heroes that are central to the main story, fresh recruits from towns, or veteran mercenaries you hire. The battles themselves play out automatically like in Ogre Battle and are pretty fun to sit back and watch the fruits of all your planning, army building, tactics, and battlefield strategy play out!
The story takes place in the world of Tahnra (Same world as the games Skyborn and Echoes of Aetheria) You are a young, recent military academy graduate thrust into war with a rebellion, tasked with rescuing the Empress of Veridia, but this is the surface layer conflict that will kick off a massive journey for the hero which sees them grow from a beaten down villain to a legendary figure who will change the course of history.
We are super pumped about the depth of battlefield tactics involved: Terrain: Open terrain, roads that give more movement, hills that give archers more range, woods/swamp/townscape that allow for some squads to set up an ambush, walls that offer a defensive blocker and high ground for archers, and more Morale: High morale good, low morale bad! If yours is high, you can sometimes launch extra free attacks. If the enemy's is low, you can convince them to surrender. Several ways to influence Morale! Attack types: Normal, aggressive, cautious, target leader, and force surrender (merciful attack that gives enemies the chance to surrender, which gets you gold from their bounty) Weather: Storms, Blizzards, and Heat Waves directly affect everything on the battlefield, and every type of weather interacts with unit affinity (what elemental affinity they were born with) Day/Night: Similar to weather in regards to affinity, also makes ambushes easier at night Cavalry Charge attack: Melee cavalry, when traveling a long distance, perform a "Charge" attack which paralyzes anything it hits for the first volley Ambush: Light troops can make Light Squads, which can make use of rough terrain to set up an Ambush - free attacks without the possibility of a counter attack Strategic resources: Battle the enemy to capture resources such as Iron, Gems, War horses, and more to unlock higher troop classes for your army Faction Rank / Reputation: Complete mission objectives and capture villages, towns, and cities to gain Faction rank, which grants you more technology, better prices at shops, and better chance to force surrender And more!
And the army building and strategy involved: Class tree: Each unit has a class tree with several tiers of advances, 40+ classes to choose from Technology: Essentially a skill tree for the army - advance your crafts, magic, and more Relationships/supports: I am a huge sucker for this aspect of Fire Emblem! There are 80+ support conversations you use to develop the characters into friendships, romantic bonds, etc, which affects morale and endings And more!
Game website:
Cinematic Trailer:
Class showcase:
Soundtrack sample showcase:
Join our community Discord:
Dancing Dragon Games Facebook:
Dancing Dragon Games Twitter:
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2022.01.16 16:01 Difficult-Movie-2820 Need karma

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2022.01.16 16:01 sialkot123 Wonderful project

#polygon #crypto #cryptocurrency #valuesfinance Amazing project in crypto field. This project has is wonderful place where from we can earn big amount of coins of this project the idea of project is uniqe. guys this project change our life so thats why i suggest to all dont miss must join
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2022.01.16 16:01 Ill-Outside-4225 What’s a better blockchain, Eth or Poly?

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2022.01.16 16:01 cutiepiedaily pp

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2022.01.16 16:01 driedtexas I'm Vlogging

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2022.01.16 16:01 saurin212 National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says Texas synagogue takeover was ‘act of terrorism,’ ‘anti-Semitism’

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2022.01.16 16:01 Jaxthor this is Oliver i think, i don’t know but i love him

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2022.01.16 16:01 ComposerAccurate Anyone here sippin from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✌🏼?

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2022.01.16 16:01 Jetwork131 A question for people who have swapped the bridge on a VM Jaguar..

What kind of bridge did you swap it out for? Or just general suggestions. Thanks!
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2022.01.16 16:01 SourMilkSteak Anyone get discouraged by Uworld scores sometimes?

My test is Thursday. The past few days I’ve been feeling really good getting scores mostly in the 60s and occasionally the 70s for my 50question tests that I do. I just did a 75 question test and dropped a 44%…definitely was a blow to my confidence. Who can relate?
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2022.01.16 16:01 Wutbot1 Wutbot on "Germany, State": [r/evilbuildings] State archive in Duisburg, Germany

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2022.01.16 16:01 RookieV8 Pepsi Man

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2022.01.16 16:01 Consistent_Produce_1 I just started one piece and there are stuff I don’t understand

(I’m on episode 50 btw)

  1. Why are pirates wanted criminals aren’t most of the people in the one piece world pirates?
  2. Why are the marines after luffy he beat the worlds most wanted criminals isn’t he taking care of the marines problems for them?
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2022.01.16 16:01 Sad-Whereas7402 My fiancée (25F) sleeps in until noon with baby while I (27M) am working.

Quick background - we have a 6mo baby at home and we have opposite schedules. I start work at 7am and she starts work at 1pm. Most mornings when I leave the baby is still asleep and will sleep until 7:30-8 but my fiancée will try to get the baby to go back to sleep so she can sleep in. Sometimes she doesn’t get bed until a few hours later in the morning and then my fiancée tries to get her to go back to sleep so she can sleep until 11am or noon. I’ve noticed on my days off when I’m with the baby, baby is up at the normal time and usually awake until a mid morning nap then up again until an early afternoon nap. This week I’ve come home from work multiple times to find my fiancée still sleeping with our baby propped up in the bed with Netflix left on for the baby. The icing on the cake for me was last night my fiancée went out to the bar with her friends and didn’t come home until 1:30am and she still hasn’t gotten out of bed (it’s 2pm) and I can see the baby on the baby monitor in the bed with her. When I’ve asked her to try and get up earlier she says she’ll work on it but I’ve been asking for months and nothing has changed. How can I break through to her that this needs to change?
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2022.01.16 16:01 TotinoQuatro My girlfriend is addicted.

I (M15) have a girlfriend (F15). For confidentiality, her name will be known as Luan. Before we started dating, she asked if I thought drug and alcohol usage was a red flag, because she’s dependent on both. I said no.
I lied.
Last night was my first time talking to her while she was stoned. Usually when she’s not sober, she won’t text back but this time she did. And suddenly I felt awful. She’s wasting away her life. I really care about her and I don’t want to lose her. It sounds cringey but I’ve gotten further with her than any other girl. She matters to me. After talking to her last night, I spent an hour and a half at my heavy bag in the garage. My hands are bruised and scabbed because even though I own gloves, I chose not to use them.
I still feel terrible. I don’t want to lose her but I don’t know how to keep dating her if she keeps doing this. I can’t just let myself feel like this all the time. I already posted to TIFU and got some good advice but I’m trying to see all my options. Please help. I don’t want to lose her but I don’t want to feel like this every time she is stoned or drunk.
TL;DR I lied to my girlfriend about how I feel about her drug and alcohol dependency, now it’s causing problems.
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