I created a NPC alignment chart based on personal motives and impact on the story, what do you think? Who would you put instead?

2021.11.30 20:24 DigitalSword I created a NPC alignment chart based on personal motives and impact on the story, what do you think? Who would you put instead?

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2021.11.30 20:24 ThatOneSmallGril Looking for friends ig 😅

18f I would like to find friends to play with and find new stuff in acnh like clothes items or decorations. Dm for dodo code. :)
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2021.11.30 20:24 Tall_Conversation380 Lootbear Veteran

I recently made a post to just let people know I am here to answer any questions anyone might have about renting/selling on lootbear. It disappeared and I'm not sure what happened. But anyways, I've been using the site for about 2 years now, if not longer, and I'm happy to say I haven't had any of these deterring bugs that I see some people are talking about.
For anyone looking to rent skins or just check some out, here's my profile. https://lootbear.com/loot/TroggysSkins
Feel free to ask about anything!
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2021.11.30 20:24 PatientModBot New research links potentially toxic fat-protein complexes to Alzheimer's

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2021.11.30 20:24 Klb1463 Unsure what to do.

It’s been three years with this guy. My children LOVE him. But it feels like it can’t ever stay stable. I love him too, he’s a great guy but also insecure and idk there are a lot of ups and downs.
I’ve had a hard life, one not usual to what’s common for most. When I had met him he’d say the usual things guys say when they want you to think your important. Either way he was untrusting from the start and I have been too. I made a mistake. And he’s made a couple himself in different ways.
Im I’m trauma therapy for the life I’ve had and it’s helping me. He’s insisted that he’s needed the same help and bugged his primary doctor to set up to do so. But than never did his part in the process to get it started.
It’s up and down up and down. I’ll be in bliss one day and in hell another 😞
I want to combine a family with this man, built credit, but heavy footed about buying a house with him because I’ve fought so hard for what I have and what I could have myself still. I don’t want to go into anymore together if we can’t seem to figure things out for a extended amount of time.
Had it been a solid three years now, I wouldn’t be hesitant 😟
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2021.11.30 20:24 Fuzzy-Albatross2911 Weird stuff going on in early child education

I wanted to share my experiences here because there's a huge turnover and great resignation happening in the exact field I'm studying for as we speak. A lot of daycares here pay the workers minimum wage and are really horrible quality, dirty, understaffed, borderline abusive to the children, and horrible working environments. The few government funded stuff is just generally better as I've discussed in other subreddits. But I wonder what will happen once we completely run out of childcare? It's almost impossible to raise kids without a double income (unless you have a house like already bought for you lololololol)
I see a lot of people over in the sub I mainly flock to ECEProfessionals making "quitting ECE due to burnout and low pay" and deep down inside while I feel sad for them I get a bit more excited due to the potential for higher pay.
What do you guys feel is going to happen for the industry right now? Biden is bordering on passing a law for universal preschool starting at age 3. I wonder if this is going to be a minimum wage industry forever, or going to change.
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2021.11.30 20:24 nittroslooth Who hosts the most generally recognized game awards?

There seem to be several different organizations/media groups with different game of the year awards and such. I havnt followed this much since I watched G4 what seems like a century ago. So what is the most important one to keep track of?
If people could also give me some recommendations for gaming news that would be nice too. I currently only watch Whatculture Gaming and IGN.
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2021.11.30 20:24 Sigras_art I will draw your dungeons and dragons character portrait, links on the comments

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2021.11.30 20:24 growsomewalls New finds-December 2021.

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2021.11.30 20:24 Averiella Discovered that my college isn’t offering my next Arabic course for me to graduate on time

Hi all! I don’t know if this is the right place to post but I’m getting a little desperate. I attend Bellevue College and normally every winter quarter they offer the second Arabic course. This is the first winter they’ve opted not to, and I need to take second and third level Arabic to graduate in spring. I intend to transfer to the University of Washington where, for my degree path, I will need three quarters of a language. I’m pursuing a competitive major so I can’t afford to transfer without the language credit. I can’t find any other community colleges that offer Arabic, and it’s too late in the game to take classes at a bigger state school. Does anyone know any accredited online colleges or something I can do to take second and third level Arabic to graduate? I’ve been looking but I can’t find anyone who offers it. Admissions for my program are only in fall, so if I don’t graduate on time I’m delayed over a year and I have worked way too hard to be delayed that long.
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2021.11.30 20:24 ibrahimak2 [Discussion] [NeedAdvice] Behind 100+ Hours on Lectures

I wish I were kidding.
I've had a lot on my plate and my academic responsibilities unfortunately took a big, big hit. I began my fall semester of my senior year around sept., that is also when I began my engineering program. My engineering program is around 6 months and will end near the end of January. After that, we'll be entering the market for interviews. I'm trying to finish off my bachelor's in psych and bio. My psych bachelors is complete, however, I have about 3-4 classes left for my bio program. I'm also in another program, which I behind in as well. Yes, I know I'm doing a lot. Although I'm behind, everything I'm finishing up is something that will grant me a reward such as a job, etc. . . (hopefully 'cause you never know what life will give you). I've been trying to "fix" my procrastination for the past 2 years after one of my professors told me to "quit these habits if I want to turn my 89% into a 90% next time". Idk why, but what she said really hit me. I also watched StudyMD back then, and he said something along the lines of, "when you fall behind, you're always trying to catch up. But when you're ahead, you're always working on yourself and improving." That really hit me as well. The problem is I have no discipline at all. I'll be good for two or three days, then I fall back to where I got up from. I've noticed improvements since roughly two years ago, but it's not a great enough improvement that fixes the immediate problem.
Eng. Program: ~120 hours, and it doesn't help that we literally have class M-F for 3 hr periods
Program 2: ~100 hours (might be an overestimate)
Bachelors: behind on 3 lab reports and several lectures/readings
"Why in the world am I so behind", you must be wondering? Thera re many reasons, but I do get distracted easily. I fall into the trap of helping others before I help myself. My perception of time isn't the greatest. I hold a lot of responsibilities such as working, trying to pay for everything, keeping the fam together, etc. . . To put it simply, I'm just not disciplined. My finals are in 2 weeks from now. My lab reports need to be submitted by then if I want partial credit. The main problem with my eng. program is that we have to work in teams, and I feel like I'm not able to put in as much work because of how behind I am since there are many things I have to learn/understand. I feel like my feet are stuck in soggy mud and it's tough for me to keep walking. My mental health is not always the greatest but tbh I'm not someone who wants to hold myself back anymore. I'm tired of always being told how successful I'd be if I put in just a bit more work, or how I'd be so amazing if I were disciplined enough. Someone even told me once that they could definitely have seen me at a certain prestigious school if I didn't have the habits that I have, and that really hit me. It just sucks knowing I could be great if "only I had tried harder". I really could careless about attending wherever, but those constant comments of how I could be better hurt sometimes.
I'm sorry for the rambling but any advice would be appreciated. Any tips or ideas on how to get started. Part of me wants to go to CVS, buy 10 Mimosa Alani Nus and pull all-nighters for the rest of the week. But I know that's not efficient or smart lol.
Before anyone tells me to drop out of something, I really can't. Unfortunately, I'm not in one of those situations where I could let something go and come back to it another time. I think that's what makes it tough. I might be able to convert my bio major to a minor, but the stubborn part of me is like, "you're only a few classes away"
Looking forward to any advice, thank you guys
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2021.11.30 20:24 AFurryBoi69 Epic 1.18 update

Epic 1.18 update
new 1.18 biome blend lookin real smooth
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2021.11.30 20:24 goncalomoita17 Second Circle game

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2021.11.30 20:24 FlowaTV Halo Infinite | Трейлер кампании

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2021.11.30 20:24 epicpython Lesser Demon

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2021.11.30 20:24 TedsFather Keyboard stuck at 60hz

I'm using the phone on adaptive refresh rate, which works fine for most apps but whenever I pull up the keyboard the screen goes down to 60hz, this makes the typing feel incredibly irresponsive. I don't think it was always like this.
Can somebody enable 'show refresh rate' in the dev settings and see if you have the same issue.
Z food 3 - OneUI 3.1
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2021.11.30 20:24 skriIlin Remind

Ghostbusters afterlife
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2021.11.30 20:24 pentolkasar Beast Titan custom action figure using NECA King Kong

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2021.11.30 20:24 funkymonkey_25 is there anything i'm doing wrong while trying to evict a villager?

i have been spending about 4 days time travelling to try to get Pompom to have the thought bubble, but besides the most recent villager, she's the only one who hasn't had the thought bubble yet. is there anything i can do to help get her to think of moving out?
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2021.11.30 20:24 csmams @electnomics : $BBIG Unusual time and sales, ~1.4 million shares traded at last 5 minutes out of them 1.35 million traded as single trade at the Ask absorbing the market buy orders as our cash close tweet was saying demand absorption https://t.co/d4S6eS2jEh

@electnomics : $BBIG Unusual time and sales, ~1.4 million shares traded at last 5 minutes out of them 1.35 million traded as single trade at the Ask absorbing the market buy orders as our cash close tweet was saying demand absorption https://t.co/d4S6eS2jEh submitted by csmams to BBIG_Analysis [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 20:24 gary_stpauls Fake Harrison Theory

Here’s the deal. When Harrison was looking at the “merry fucking kill” podcast and the photos of Rita and Trinity, he was not mourning Rita. “Harrison” is not really Harrison, he is in fact a relative (maybe son?) of Trinity who has found out that Dexter killed Trinity through Jonah Mitchell (his brother).
Deb made a big deal of Harrison not being like Dexter, he is too social and charismatic…like Trinity.
“Harrison” has come to Iron Lake to find Dexter and outsmart him as a way to seek revenge. “Harrison” keeps Dexter’s true identity safe not because he cares about Dexter, but because he knows if everyone knew, there would be an investigation and it would interfere with his plan.
In the end of the show, Dexter discovers that Hannah and the real Harrison are alive, but it’s too late, he has already fallen for “Harrison’s” trap and can do nothing to save himself.
Dexter is dead and Trinity gets the last laugh.
Also: maybe Masuka is called in to investigate the cabin murders and Dexter has to deal with that whole thing.
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2021.11.30 20:24 Oliverthecat099 Scholarship avaible

Spanish and english players We're looking for scholars, please join our discord and create you application as to why we should pick you, please be original and truthful
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2021.11.30 20:24 vahistoricaloriginal Jim and Shasa

Jim and Shasa have only made it this far because of that particular card that is being occasionally played. How many bum notes and failed harmony attempts must we endure? They just ain't that good.
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2021.11.30 20:24 TheLegend29 Just the sky...

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2021.11.30 20:24 ThreeLegs1Foot Choose your ride

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