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[LFA] Could someone draw my oc sluzy?

2021.11.30 20:41 Pugtater_tot [LFA] Could someone draw my oc sluzy?

[LFA] Could someone draw my oc sluzy? I have a slime OC that I'd like to be drawn. I have some stuff about her and two drawings of her.
Name: Sluzy
Gender: Female
Species: Slime
  1. Big hands disproportionate to arm width
  2. Friendly and sympathetic
  3. The only way she knows to deal with cheering someone up is her special coffee
  4. Coffeeholic
  5. ALWAYS bumps her head on doors (bc she's so tall)
  6. usually has to duck in small rooms
  7. has back problems even though she doesn't have a spine
  8. she freezes (or becomes more solid) when cold
  9. and melts a little in hot weather
  10. Can grow and remove random body parts whenever
  11. 8 feet tall (Enderman tall)
  12. Arms go to knees
  13. Drips a lot.
  14. Likes warm clothing, probably since they’re not very insulated.
  15. Squishy, and that’s a fact.
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2021.11.30 20:41 CryptographerFun1486 Here’s the daily design lol I personally love this one, very happy with how it turned out

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2021.11.30 20:41 Adventurous-Virus933 Does anyone have the links for either of these?

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2021.11.30 20:41 CompassWithHat Top Lasgun: Sevastutav

“Remember, next week is the last chance you’ll have to finalize your preparation for the Practical.” The elderly Shil’vati male said. He was the professor in charge of teaching 'practicable battlefield tactics in the modern era of Capital Ships_’ and he took his job seriously. “You will each be individually graded for your actions during the test. And for those who haven’t been doing their research - I know who you are - the practical is a simulated strike mission. You will jump to and then engage an enemy fleet to prevent it from attacking a planet. You have full operational control and instructors will _not be holding your hands. You will, once again, be graded on personal performance. I expect to see competence and proper strategic planning.”
The Final Practical Exam of the Patrol Academy was something all pilots had been looking forward to. Aside from a physical flight where the Pilots would escort a convoy inside Deep Shil Space, this exercise was one of the few true training events where reality was factored in.
Unlike massive dogfights, ambushes, or other fake engagements, this battle would have no thought spared in how it would handle the engagements.
The fleets were simple, the Patrol Class and their escort ships versus a Captain with a fleet size of their choosing. The Captains were instructed to equip their fleet like they would if they were invading a planet and the Patrol would only have what they could scramble for said planet’s defense.
They could stand and fight, or retreat to collect their strength.
But if they lost, they all lost.
Milk and Cookie stood on opposite sides of a room, heavy flight suits padding their bodies as helmets rest over their heads. They stared into each other’s eyes, weapons held at their sides in low ready.
They smiled manic grins as they brought up their borrowed swords and brought down the gravity.
Inside the training center, there were rooms where the gravity’s intensity, direction and everything else could be manipulated. It was normally used for training sailors for movement in ships where the main core might have been damaged, or for EVA drills without the impending fear of death in the void.
Like many training rooms, cadets could sign them out for personal reasons so long as an instructor signed off on the use.
When Milk and Cookie walked up to Cenywyn with massive smiles on their faces and a request to use the variable gravity room, she expected it was an event that would require a deep cleaning by the janitors afterwards.
After it was explained, all she requested was to watch.
Their drill matron blew a silvery whistle and the pair rocketed at each other.
Under normal gravity, the pair were capable of sprinting at around 20 miles per hour, but not for long. Under near zero gravity, they dashed across the ground like figures in a wuxia film.
The first time their swords met was nearly the last as Newton’s Third Law reared its gloriously ugly head and sent the pair spiraling off into the low gravity room and slamming into the walls before reorienting themselves on the floor.
Cenywyn provided a respectful clap. Singular.
There was another party held in the Patrol barracks. One last hurrah before Finals Crunch began and everyone stressed out like nothing else. It was time to dance.
Milk and Cookie were late to the party, but as they walked closer, familiar sounds began to emanate from the hijacked multipurpose room. Familiar words.
Someone was playing Dropkick Murphys.
Milk threw the doors open, Boston Irish calling to Boston Irish and she saw the other human in the Academy standing behind a makeshift DJ stand blaring music at maximum volume.
She was a Polish lady who had traveled the world before the Shil’vati invaded and took the invasion as an opportunity to see the galaxy. She and Milk ended up talking for a bit when they had to talk with the medicals at the same time due to menstrual issues and the Pole had an odd way of thinking about the occupation.
To quote her opinions of the whole mess, “I’m Polish. Making a big deal out of being occupied by a hostile power for us is like someone making a big deal out of it being February.” The wink and the whistling of Chłopcy Silni Jak Stal had Milk wondering how true the sentiment really was.
Milk idly sang along with Rose Tattoo as she walked over to where Ventures Forth was once again serving drinks. “What do you have for me?” She asked the cyborg who was wearing a nametag identifying her as ‘Ventures In Froth’.
“Something good. 16th Royal Engineers are passing through and they brought a good haul of Cambrian Whisky.”
“Cambrian? So we’ve got dinosaurs now?” Milk asked with a raised eyebrow. “Age where my homeworld had reptilian megafauna. We called ‘em Dinosaurs. Guess there are only so many sounds you can make.”
“Guess so. Either way, mad bastards to the last. Did you know they’re the only Shil Colony that wasn’t reconquered during the Wars of Refusal?”
Milk thought for a second, “I think I heard about that? What, second… third Refusal War? Something about being too hard to take?”
Ventures Forth grinned, “Too hard to take, let’s put it this way. If you listen to the stories the Cambrians tell, they invented the first Anti-Orbital Defense System because the constant orbital bombardments were annoying their elderly. That’s the type of shit they like to talk about themselves. Even in modern days, their colony flag is the only one allowed to fly at the same height as the Imperial one.”
“Any merit to those stories?”
“Well, they’ve got standard conscription and their defenses are theoretically the equal to Shil’s without use of a Home Fleet.” Ventures Forth continued “It’s joked that if you can’t dig a proper trench by 8, you’ve grown up in the wrong system.”
Cadians. Milk thought, We found the Shil’vati Cadians.
“But that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that they’ve got the best Whiskey around. I heard one Imperial Birthday they gave the Empress a bottle of stuff buried by her ancestor’s orbital fire during the First War of Refusal. The only other colony with a claim like that is Sevastutav and they still technically struck their colors at the end of the War of Refusal! Cambria was more or less independent for a good couple decades there before the Shil figured out orbital fire and they sued for peace. The Shil, not the Cambrians. Losing ships to anti-orbital fire was getting too expensive.”
Milk whistled, “I ain’t gonna call bull- reexshit on that, but that seems like some grade A propaganda right there.”
Forth shrugged, “Propaganda or not, hell of an independence story.”
“I should tell you about the… many independence stories Earth has.” Milk comments, grabbing one of the whiskeys from the table.
“You have… multiple. You know, that explains so much.” Forth replies with a laugh. \
“There’s a nation that can’t go 6 days without a country celebrating kicking them out. We’re a rowdy bunch and prone to fighting.” Thundering war drums, a bagpipe being tuned to sound and an electric guitar rolled across the crowd as the Real Mckenzies' song about Billy Millin’s mad bastardry roared out, “Speaking of rowdy and prone to fighting…” She grinned and took a swig of the bottle. “I think someone needs to learn how to properly interact with men.”
The Irish lass grabbed an empty bottle from off the makeshift bar and stalked over to a trio of Shil cornering a Rakiri man off in a dark part of the room. She found herself joined by a handful of other folks before the brawl began.
It was quite fun.
It was quite fun.
The sword fighting at least.
The pilot and WSO danced off each other, blades clashing in time as they used the low gravity to their advantage, pulling off moves normally seen aided with wires and CGI.
They danced in zero g, clashing with sparking blades and shining steel, jumping and leaping and twirling and soaring in the air. Beauty held movement and motion.
They didn’t speak, didn’t think, didn’t feel. All they did was act to the beat of an unheard song. Strike to ancient drums and parry to cunning flutes.
Primal glory held in flashing cutlasses. Naval tradition long lost relearned by these two aviators of space.
A small crowd had joined, watching the pair dance and duel in the space between.
An Old Child of Sevastutav stood silently, watching the pair dance as one for the unseen audience.
Perhaps. She thought. Perhaps.
“It’s been 8 years since the invasion and the Purps still haven’t cleaned up their shit,” a Construction worker grumbled, “Instead, they make us do it!”
“At least we’re getting paid.” The Overseer responded, OSHA yellow jackets a safe blaze of color against the parking garage’s rubble. “And being paid well. Also, you’re in a goddamn mech suit, the hell you complaining about?”
“They don’t have AC in this damn thing!” The worker called back. OSHA regulations mandating that the Construction Exo be fully sealed when working in demolitions, “They like their suits toasty but I am baking in this thing. Maybe Mackenzie wasn’t an idiot for going in naked.”
“No, she was an idiot, but she was a well chilled idiot before something jabbed where it shouldn’t. You’re not allowed to take your shirt off. I’ll see about getting you a fan or something, but consider it an extra incentive to get your work done fast.”
“Yeah, yeah, fuck you Paul.” The worker replied, slowly moving rubble, concrete and rebar to the disposal area. “What’s this place even going to be used for? Public transport’s worth it, you know. I actually sold my damn car. I don’t think they’ll rebuild a parking garage.”
The Overseer looked up at the Worker, “You sold your car? Huh, I remember you talking a lot about getting one 10 years ago.”
“10 years ago it was shorter to walk across Long Island than take a bus. Now I’m across the city before the train would have arrived in the old world.”
“What’s that Mussolini quote? At least he made the trains run on time or something?”
“Yeah, bullshit, those Fascists couldn’t know good public infrastructure if it bit them. What made the trains run on time were the Socialists and Unions ol’ spaghetti bowl didn’t want to kill.”
“Solidarity Forever, even under Empire.”
The worker laughed “No kidding. But yeah, I think I’m almost done with… Boss?”
The instant snap in tone of voice shook the Overseer out of idle amusement. “What’s wrong.”
“Call the cops. We’ve got a body. She’s a Purp. In armor. Interior sash.”
“... and so with this last report, we can move onto the reex steak of this debrief.”
Ah yes, the real reason Captain Roshal preferred to be in her ship. When she was off her ship, people with delusions of adequacy and possible aspirations of not half bad tended to try and give her briefings on their most recent action to try and curry favor.
And since she was Captain Roshal, she couldn’t blow them off, as much as she wanted to. The reputation she cultivated where she actually listened to her crew and subordinates was too delicate to risk on something as stupid as leaving boring briefings.
“So I would advise you to use a mixed group of frigates along with a bombardment vessel in order to accurately threaten the planet in question.”
Ah, there it was. This jumped-up officer whose only claim to fame was her last name wanted to advise her on how to create a proper fleet for the practical test. Trying to show off her encyclopedic knowledge of tactical situations while worshiping the Capitol Ship. And all because the simulated planet was that new one everyone was talking about.
“You want to bring the bombardment vessel because the planet in question is known for still having Red Zones, so in order to instil proper fear and discipline quickly, you’ll need to hit the enemy with overwhelming force to make them too afraid to stand against you.”
“Did that work previously?” Roshal finally spoke up. Her Sevastutavan accent turning the low drawl into almost a growl as she looks the rookie officer in the eye. “The last I checked, Earth is still having insurrection issues in part because the initial fleet decided the best way to conquer a world is through military force. I would remind you, that doesn’t always work.”
The Captain reached off to her side and took a sip of the water she brought with her. The other officers had been sampling the provided 16th Royal Whiskey or Red Vine. She preferred to keep a sober head during meetings like this. It helped with her image and allowed her to avoid three and counting poisoning attempts.
“Speaking as a Sevastutavan of course.” Roshal finishes, pushing her natural accent to near-stereotypical levels.
The officer up front blushed, flushed, and sputtered in disbelief at Captain Roshal’s interjection. A Cambrian Army officer piped up, “Speaking as someone with similar experiences regarding history and the Imperium, I second her motion.” The 16th Royal Engineers Major gave Captain Roshal a nod. One she couldn’t return because, once again, reputation.
Sometimes Roshal really wondered if it was worth it keeping up all these airs. But then she remembered the first time the crew saw the Clay Hearted Bitch turn an ambush into a battle into a rout because she stood firm and didn’t break. The crew needed that stability, that rock of rocks to anchor themselves on. The reputation was more important than the fact.
The fact the Reputation also allowed her to talk back to her supposed betters didn’t hurt.
“So I’ll ask you again, Junior Lieutenant Soo Kay’a, what makes you think that the orbital bombardment vessel would change the minds of a people who have been hit with orbital strikes before and seemed to have just found it insulting?”
The Junior Lieutenant sputtered for a bit before her commanding officer told the truly junior officer to sit down. “If there are no more points to be observed…” Roshal began and at seeing everyone confirming the negative, “I believe this meeting is over. Dismissed.” She stood and turned to the door.
The major from the 16th Royal stood up and followed her out. “Well that was a clusterfuck.” she muttered, “I mean, I’m army but that fleet composition looked like it had so many holes. No skirmish line to deal with forces if you get in a standing fight, no ships with get up and go to keep the enemy from pounding on your heavier vessels during a near c fight. And that’s not even touching on how she decided that the artillery piece would be your flagship…”
Roshal nodded. Unlike the soldiery gait and exuberant hand motions of the Army Major, the Captain clasped her hands behind her back as she strode forward with purpose. “You are not incorrect. The fleet she described would be proper as an anchorpoint to a larger maneuver or as a punitive fleet. Something big and scary to force someone to kneel.”
“But we know how well that works.” said the officer who’s Corp could trace their lineage back to a time when Shil was ruled by Queens and who’s Corp had been declared dead multiple times only to be found months to years later, still fighting. Even after being nuked.
“We know exactly how well that works.” Said the woman whose homeworld considered themselves simply held by contract to an Imperium they could throw off any day if someone got enough people around for a vote.
Wasn’t able to make 6k words, but I blame college for that. But hey, two chapters before the month ends. Publishing on the 30th counts, right?
Anyway, I feed off comments and conversations, please feel free to drop any thoughts or ideas you have about this story. Even if it’s just complaining, I thrive off it.
Have a very nice day.
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2021.11.30 20:41 Thetimmybaby What about Hillary?

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2021.11.30 20:41 mooseco64 Feet/leg pain when running

So I’m definitely more of a cyclist but still like to run because of how I feel after. I have pretty good endurance, cardio-wise I can do 10k pretty easily but my real issue is I always get pain in my feet and lower legs/ankles whenever I run. It kicks in after about 1-2 miles and sometimes feels like I’m losing circulation in my feet. I also get shin splints easily. Just got a new pair of shoes but still got the feet pain when I went on a run with them. It’s so annoying cause I have to stop running after about 3 miles because of this even though I feel like I can go a lot longer endurance-wise. Since the new shoes don’t seem to be helping I’m thinking my foot muscles are just weak, so my plan is to try to strengthen them by just doing short runs a few days a week with breaks in between and work my way up. Does anyone have any other advice for foot/leg pain? 😭 I want to do a half marathon in the spring with my dad. Thanks!!
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2021.11.30 20:41 Setore So we're packing our birds for a move to our new place and I thought I was being clever in the labeling

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2021.11.30 20:41 DiamondFella Killer mains , two survivors DC on first down right at the start, what you doing?

Just had a Michael go full sweat on me and bunny Feng until the end where he acted like he wanted to farm, then 3 hooked me anyway.
Neither of us trolled him just have him decent chases and worked on gens.
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2021.11.30 20:41 ethanlames Anyone have a heracross they’d trade me you can lmk what you’re looking for

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2021.11.30 20:41 crescentmoonweed Deferred at UC Davis.

Applied late October ED with a 160low LSAT and a 3.81 GPA. I wonder why I was not just admitted or denied. Do you think the school wants to see what the rest of its applicant pool will look like this year?
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2021.11.30 20:41 Extreme123455 Anyone else excited whit is doing Whitmas again this year?!

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2021.11.30 20:41 A3thereal [BDSP] Drifloon and 4-5IV bulbasaur giveaway

I have a 20 freshly hatched drifloons to help ppl finish out there sinnoh pokedex's.
I also have 10 bulbasaur breedjects with 4 or 5 best IVs.
Link code 9922 9988 IGN aethryll
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2021.11.30 20:41 waterz928 do you need to select amplify world generation option to get new mountains?

i have not seen really any huge mountains, do you need to select the amplify option?
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2021.11.30 20:41 Zaubershow Which character do you enjoy fighting the least?

So which of the GGS characters do you play and which character do you enjoy fighting the least?
I would have made a poll but they don't allow more than six options that's why we have to write the answers. I will then count them all and will calculate it if enough people reply.
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2021.11.30 20:41 JSuarezXX Shooting 35mm on Fuji Ga645zi

Hello, so I’m starting to experiment with shooting 35mm on a medium format camera. I currently have the Fuji 645 and was wondering if anyone has experience shooting 35mm on it? If I have a 36 exposure roll, when should I stop shooting on my Fuji and unload the film in a pitch black room? The reason why I’m asking is because the Fuji auto advances to the next frame and will normally auto advance the roll after taking the last exposure. The last thing I’d want is for my camera to yank the film out of the canister or mess up any sort of motor in my Fuji. Any help is appreciated!
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2021.11.30 20:41 Grunnok First Post ever, got slightly bored at 2am so thought I'd practice my building.

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