Ever since I watched the show, I’ve wanted a tattoo inspired by The Order of the White Lotus, and I finally got it the other day! None of my friends are fans, so I wanted to share it in hopes y’all might enjoy it!

2021.11.30 22:21 RoseSc00ps Ever since I watched the show, I’ve wanted a tattoo inspired by The Order of the White Lotus, and I finally got it the other day! None of my friends are fans, so I wanted to share it in hopes y’all might enjoy it!

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2021.11.30 22:21 toesdream why reading the chat after horny is so awkward?

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2021.11.30 22:21 Mynewsify-Website Kim Kardashian to be honoured at 2021 People’s Choice Awards, The News International – Entertainment

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2021.11.30 22:21 Ms-Park Working for a live performance venue...long (sorry! I am...old.)

I love this subreddit. It is heartening & enlightening to see ppl sharing, commiserating & giving each other compassionate advice & having a grim laugh at the very least.
I read peoples stories & want to say to everyone, "no cutie, it AIN'T you. Your lil' no power or influence or livable wage having self, is NOT now nor will it ever be, "the problem". "
I wanted to tell you all that I was the bookkeeper for 2 music venues (1 that recently closed) & a music festival, on the west coast. I took the job, w/HALF the pay of my predecessor (I didn't find this out til later.) & after the GM had been removed from her position by the venue's owners, for rampant employee abuse, drug use & "misappropriation" of funds. The former GM is of course, lauded and given ample PR about "stepping down to pursue different options", w/zero mention of her being mandatorily put in 30 day rehab, emerging from the rehab entirely unapologetic & unrepentant & promising to be the same shitfuck she's always been & then the owners buying out her shares in the venue & removing here from her position for her chemical dependency, erratic behavior, theft & abuse of staff.
(I do not care abt. ppl doing drugs. Do them, have fun & be safe! When the GM says yer being able to take PTO is dependent upon you getting her drugs on yer vaca, THAT is a problem.)
While trying to do my effing job, I did HR, bookkeeping, payroll, AAP, paid all the performers & did another set of secret, unreported books for a large yearly music festival that was an entire legalized money laundering scheme & "philanthropic PR" for a prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist family of entire fuckwits.
Was trying to clean up the books. They were a hot mess of fiction, for the most part, covering for the GM's & former management staff's, wholesale embezzlement.
On my 3rd day, one of the much beloved Bar Managers, dropped dead, while out walking their dog.
This prompted me to look into, what benefits their spouse was entitled to, if any & if there was any back owed wages, etc. Normal HR shit that happens upon finding out a staff member is deceased.
This particular city, had an Ordinance that provided, basically, a health care savings account, that employers were required to pay into, on a quarterly basis.
The deceased staff member, had an account balance of, at least $5K, which I thought their spouse would be entitled to collect , if only to pay for expenses related to the decedents death.
This opened a huge can of worms. The Ordinance required that folks receiving money from their employer, to sign up via their web portal to "claim" the funds. Folks that did not sign up, LOST their money, it went to a general fund account, for the County.
The Bar Manager who died, had NOT created an account w/the County. So their $5k+ went to the County.
The County said the onus of educating staff about how to access their money, was on the Employer. The Employer, said the onus of educating staff about how to access their money, was on the County.
In short, none of the staff had received any information or training about how to access or claim their money and as a result, upwards of $50k+ went to the County's general funds account. This is, imho, legalized, theft from employee's health savings.
The County had send out mass mailings to all County residents. Those who did recall seeing those mailers, said they thought they were bills/invoices for back-owed taxes from the County and/or junk mail & threw them away.
The venue, did no training, did not advise staff that this money was being paid in & set aside for their medical expenses. Nor did the venue advise staff of their accrued PTO/Sick pay. In fact, the prior abusive, awful GM, had denied that staff had PTO, refused to let staff utilize it & refused to pay people, their accrued PTO for time taken off. One manager had an outbreak of shingles, on his face & the GM refused allow them to take their accrued PTO and did not advise them of their healthcare savings acct.
Upon figuring all this out, I went to the acting GM's for advice & they said not to tell staff about any of these benefits open to them. They told me to shut up. I didn't, because it is a violation of labor laws to, "shut up". Fuck them, btw. Boot licking scum. (One still works there.)
I arranged for a training to be held by the County at the venue. It was not mandatory & the County staff, was there to sign ppl up to claim their benefits. It was poorly attended. Not even 1/3 of the staff members showed up. People have lives. I did, want the managerial staff to either assist folks in signing up and/or direct them to me & I'd help ppl sign up. That was the most I could do & it did not feel like enough, because, most of the $ that the venue had paid into this program, was already gone to the County's "general funds" aka "expired", simply because employees were unaware of how to claim this benefit.
In chatting w/staff, I found that many did not care about any benefits. They were happy to work for minimum wage, which they took to be in trade for the 'family meal' before shift & attending shows at the venue for free. NO. THAT IS A GIVEN. That is the minimum one should reasonably expect from working in a venue, not something to 'trade' for shittier pay, shitty working conditions & rampant abuse, wage theft & flaunting labor laws.
The venue was also cited & fined for non-payment of overtime wages, prior to my being hired.
The venue was still getting away w/non-payment of OT wages. They used, "departmental codes".
EX: Staff person A worked 6 hrs in Dept 001 and 6 hrs in Dept 004. Which meant they were paid for 12 hours, at their regular hourly rate. IN REALITY, they should of been paid, 8 hour regular and 4 hours at the overtime rate of 1.5(time and a half.)
JSYK, use of 'departmental codes' as a way to avoid paying overtime is fucking illegal. Not to mention, entirely fucking douchey, esp. when the biz owners are fucking billionaires.
I paid people their overtime. Period. The acting GM's didn't know, coz they didn't know how to run payroll & were entirely ignorant of labor laws & I repeatedly stated I would not break the law for them, coz it was my ass, if the venue were to be reported.
Did I mention the venues & festival are owned by a "consortium of fucking venture capitalist, inherited wealth, never missed a meal, billion/millionaires"? ( I don't hate the wealthy. I hate what they aren't doing with it & I hate how they fuck over workers as easily as they fucking breathe, in order to maintain their shitty wealth, status, power & class vs. just being decent humans.)
Whatever, fine I TCB and the acting GM's are entirely unaware. People take days off, get paid their PTO, etc.
In the meantime, I have to meet with these clueless consultants. The owners have hired one of the owner's sons, friends, to consult on how to run the biz more "efficiently" aka "cut staff & keep more revenues for greedy people who have more money than they can spend in their entire families lifetime."
And I'm paying these douchebros $5000+expenses every 2 weeks. Expenses = staying at 5 star hotels & Michelin rated "biz dinners". Like that's standard, legalized crony corruption & this spot, wasn't the only spot that does it, ime as a bookkeeper.
They proposed only staffing w/1099 employees. Hiring catering companies for every event vs. having paid staff. I said that was not a good idea, because, duh, it's fucking not.
I had to meet w/one of the consortium's billionaire partners, some founder of the 1st online media PR firm & he's total douchebag, (who now works for...L*veN@tion) bragged about "beating" a sexual harassment suit, when he was the CEO of the company he founded. I don't know why he felt the need to brag , odd flex. To this day, I do not know why I had to meet w/this bootlicking fuckwit.
And these consultants & the owners are actively recruiting for a new GM, to replace the one they removed.
They hire a band manager, from some shitty SKA band & pay this pasty no experience having douchebag 2x my salary.
(sidenote: I fucking hate hawt topic 90's ska. Hate it. It's fucking reggae dancehall appropriated by frat douchebros & so is the "indy" record co. that host most of these pasty turd bands. They can get bent x5ever.)
I quit on his first day. No 2 weeks. Fuck you bai.
I filed a complaint w/the DOL re: salary discrimination. Case was not pursued by DoL. Whatever, the DoL is pretty useless, I did it , so there was at least, record of my complaint.
I reported them to the County for violation of labor laws & ordinances. The venue was subsequently assessed a fine. AND this consortium of fucking billion/millionaires, closed the venue, rather than pay the fines & back-owed wages. They still own another venue w/the ska band manager GM. & yes the PR around the venue closing was, over COVID. Not the refusal of filthy fucking rich people to adhere to labor laws.
The management entirely slandered my name, said I withheld login/pw info & stole money etc. I didn't. Login/pw info was in a notebook, next to my computer & I trained in another staff member on how to run payroll, and did not steal anything. LMAO.
I'm sorry for the staff that no longer has a job coz this spot closed. It wasn't my intention, I simply thought you all deserved the full benefits of your wage & labor rights & that you shouldn't of been taken advantage of, by greedy, shitty fuckers. Coz, fuck them.
Other notable fuckshittery:
The fucking dipshit private event booker (also friends w/aforementioned ska record label shitlords) allowed a fucking racist, anti-gay, misogynist, fundamentalist church to rent the venue, during a pro-life protest weekend and half the staff walked off their shift.
Fucking J3ll0 aka 'puddin' Bi@fr@, would crash punk shows, get onstage & talk about himself, taking up the performers time. He's a raging a-hole narcissist who steals labor from "unpaid interns". Don't work for his co. See also, was tight w/the removed GM & didn't call her out on her shit & professes to be some kind of old skool godfather o' punk rock. Fuck that guy. Ew.
There are no booker's anymore. They are contracted w/A3G. All their shitty shows are shitty A3G performers. & A3G is owned by one rich, white, shitty, anti-gay, fundie xtian conservative piece o shit.
Some shitty utube boyband, stole all the towels & trashed the dressing room. Their performance was lipsyncing their ONE hit & they made tweens parents pay $250+ for an "afterparty", where they dj'd using a mac.Some country performer was booked and the yt suburban fans started a brawl w/the Latino fans, before the show even opened. Coz country music is only fer yt people or some bullshit. A dozen dipshits 86'd an hour after doors opened, coz they just couldn't be civil & keep their racism to themselves. Who gets mad that their preferred artist/performer reaches a broader audience?
The same consortium of rich aholes also funded a yearly music festival. The festival's founder, a rapacious venture capitalist, & W3lls F@rgo descendant, who got moar rich via orchestrating tech IPO's , bragged about getting a notable anti-corporate/anti-capitalist folk singer to perform. A super shitty flex, imho.
The money for the festival was laundered via the county parks n rec board. I kept a separate set of books and none of the vendors was ever 1099'd and they were all cronies of either the venue's GM, or the bazillionaire's family/friends. But everyone loves it & I'm an asshole : D
Thank you for reading my epic way too long rant & I want everyone at minimum, to know their labor rights, unionize and/or form/collectives & co-ops. Share your pay info w/your co-workers & advocate for one another and I am of the opinion that we are long overdue for a global strike.
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2021.11.30 22:21 stfleck I really enjoy these visitors to my backyard

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2021.11.30 22:21 justin899999 Had lots of issues over the last few weeks

3 weeks ago I had promised a wright up if some good tips from a former old car dweller and I'm sorry I will post it soon. 3 weeks ago my car insurance decided to take out a double payment leaving me with nothing and that was the first pay I had after me and the ex split. So i did get it rectified after some back and forth. Then went to work and when I came back found my passenger door frame all bent to find out my new tool kit was stolen and a cheap tablet I had and a few other small things. So took some time for my self for a while.
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2021.11.30 22:21 PinkMeow1990 Help for Current Owner Christmas Present

Hi everyone!
My fiancé’s sister has two sugar gliders, I don’t know much about them other than that they are adorable and soft.
I would love to get her some enrichment stuff for her for Christmas, if you could help me with this I would appreciate it! Or anything else that would help her out in day to day, I don’t know what care they need, or any basic things.
Thank you!
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2021.11.30 22:21 Life-is-so_hard Muzan be like:

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2021.11.30 22:21 Leon_Waffles Is it worth it to use Horus as food to get my first e5.

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2021.11.30 22:21 FomoFalcon Logotype and beer label design in honour of my late father. Context, background and rationale included in the imagery. Hope you enjoy something a little different :)

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2021.11.30 22:21 hokagesdeath which north face jacket is this? (on the left)

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2021.11.30 22:21 name_is_Zai Do I have sever anxiety?

So, everyday it feels like I am on edge. I’ll be fine for a little while, sometimes feel non existent even, and I will suddenly think of something bad that causes me to panic. I have had a past being terrified of tragic events happening that hasn’t actually happened to me. For example, school shootings, fights, death, etc. It is odd because it is only these things that will set it off, and I can never imagine those things happening. I also can think of why people would do bad things like that and this subconsciously puts me in their shoes, and I then panic because I think I’m just going to go insane one day because my brain puts me in those people’s shoes that do those things. I can’t wrap my head around it, and I still feel strong emotions toward everything.
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2021.11.30 22:21 badandsad97 Today I found out I didn’t pass my comprehensive exam for my MPH .There is an appeals process but is anyone familiar with anything like that or had a similar experience?

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2021.11.30 22:21 originalcultmember Can they please collaborate already 😩

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2021.11.30 22:21 Pnny_Moon RC tweet WORK decoded!!!

Salesforce is aquiring Slackforce for 33 times of its market cap on Dec 2nd. Institutional investors own a small part of the float, which leaves apes to buy the float and get 29 bucks a share. Thats right PER share. Money printer go BURRRRRR!
Edit: 33 TIMES the price, not 33 percent
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