I am in Love with How my Piercings look, Hopefully I Can get more soon (≧◡≦) ♡

I am currently locked to the Youtube channel (Many ppl reported my channel) so I locked all MMD and I'm not working on Youtube this time ( My English isn't good ヾ(´ー` )ノ 96,541 985 【MMD】やっぱり勝てなかった摩耶ちゃんと鳥海ちゃんはバイブに一心不乱【R-18】 None really. I may add more ends if I get ideas. If bugs come up, I'll try to get around to fixing them. If someone wants to mod this so you can build the furnitures in the workshop, go for it - you can either release that as a separate esp that depends on this one, or send me back an edited copy and I'll credit you.

2021.11.30 20:56 Jen_jay66 I am in Love with How my Piercings look, Hopefully I Can get more soon (≧◡≦) ♡

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2021.11.30 20:56 cbander [H]A few Dead Before Daylight DLCs and other stuff [W]DbD dlcs and others on my list

Dead before Daylight: Cursed Legacy
Dead Before Daylight: All-kill
Have Other Stuff I will list Soon

Dead Before Daylight DLCs I am missing
Stellaris DLCs
let me know what you have.
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2021.11.30 20:56 i3lackpink Girl’s Day Had One Of The Best Vocal Lines In K-POP History

Considering how few times I see Girl’s Day mentioned on here I’m assuming this is unpopular. I always see MAMAMOO, SNSD, Red Velvet, the grace & Etc. I never see anyone mention Girls Day Especially Minha. They’re known for more of their pop songs so I understand. ( I also never see anyone mention Solji from EXID anymore)
No one in the group was bad at singing and can all carry a tune. I believe that Minha was one of the best vocalist of all of kpop. Not saying number 1 or etc but is definitely overlooked now. Also Sojin was great also 😭🤍
Even when they were playing on their encore stages they sounded good. Doing piggy back rides and etc lol. Live performances, anything it always sounded good. Anyways here are examples. I linked the original songs and some live performances. Mostly from their last album alone
Sorry don’t know how to properly link lmao
Evidence #1
Evidence #2
Evidence # 3
Evidence #4
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2021.11.30 20:56 NonSecretAccount J'écoutais des heures d'épisodes où on voit juste les candidats réagir en écoutant les épisodes

ce serait du revenus gratuit pour noovo.
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2021.11.30 20:56 Thraxt2 Join The New Celina Powell Chat

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2021.11.30 20:56 thegreyjedii Clan

I need a clan to join
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2021.11.30 20:56 sunyforreal Panama City Beach | Leica M7 | 50mm Summilux | Provia 100f

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2021.11.30 20:56 BostonStrongTX [Homemade] Cinnamon Rolls

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2021.11.30 20:56 GetOffMyGrassBrats This rediculously huge power supply that came with my mini desktop PC.

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2021.11.30 20:56 ChaoticFluffiness Rotate statues

Suggestion to SC : I think it would be really amazing if we could rotate our statues like we can our walls and bases. :-)
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2021.11.30 20:56 WhoooIsReading LE couldn't find this missing Wisconsin woman for over 2 months;

But a private investigation firm found her remains within 24 hours of being on the case.
The two county sheriffs offices involved in the search - Pine County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota and Burnett County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin - both said on Saturday evening they were not yet ready to release statements on the case.
I hope for the victim's and her families sake this is not another "GA case".
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2021.11.30 20:56 Borutosgranfather Amanda Cerny

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2021.11.30 20:56 CryptoDan00 Mr. Obama, Your hotdogs have arrived.

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2021.11.30 20:56 Vivid_Original1380 [LFA] My dnd party! just busts of the characters are fine, but anything is appreciated!

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2021.11.30 20:56 I_love_choppers ISO Prank-Kids Playmat

Remove if not allowed
Looking for an authentic YCS 2019 Prank-Kids playmat. I see it for sale on Cardmarket for 40€ which is about $54usd. I’ll pay everything from shipping and fees etc. please lmk!
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2021.11.30 20:56 Truly_Kokichi I vented on I am sober and it won’t let me copy paste so have a link

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2021.11.30 20:56 discombobble Interconnected, Me, Gouache, 2021

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2021.11.30 20:56 mick_boi I have a massive crush on a girl who I know I can never meet.

Background: I love the Masked Singer and when I heard about the latest after show they had (Alter Ego) I decided to divulge and take a peak I figured it would be fun nothing to special, and then I saw Mia A.K.A Fern and I was obsessed I found her voice beautiful, the character amazing in design, her story touching, and I found her actually beautiful (I was super pissed and still am about how she lost to Misty Rose) I recently found her TikTok and started watching her and now at this point I must say I have a crush on her and I'd love to meet her but I know I can't because she's a Broadway Star from New York and I'm a nobody from Galbolie, I just want to meet her and I know I can't.
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2021.11.30 20:56 redd1tt How to know if second-hand Thinkpad has Intel AMT or AMD PSP configured?

I know many corporations sell their old laptops. What if Intel AMT was still configured/running, the operating system and end-user would have no idea?
If it's not configured in bios, does that mean you are safe? Also, if they were enabled, do they send packets out to a main server or does their main server send packets out (which would never make it behind a home NAT)?
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2021.11.30 20:56 Delicious_Test7545 Selling creatures

Vetemortem sp Salrahn sp Pernirex sp Flixlit sp Citrulantis sp Arsonos sp
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2021.11.30 20:56 hairy-ash-cheeks what are some places that sell healthier foods that I can get quick?

I've gotten a new job that takes up alot of time. Anyways, need to know if there are places that make good, healthy food. id appreciate it
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2021.11.30 20:56 NationYell Decorate me like one of your French girls, today's my 8th cake day!

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2021.11.30 20:56 1894Harold They find it easy to blame crypto.

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2021.11.30 20:56 ThatGingerYouKnow123 Status bar won't slide down

I have the Google pixel 4a and recently the status bar has become unresponsive except when on the home screen. Is anyone else having this issue?
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2021.11.30 20:56 SomeNewGirl46 Is it too late for a Halloween photo?

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