Iran sentences ex-central bank chief to 10 years in prison

2021.10.16 16:01 autotldr Iran sentences ex-central bank chief to 10 years in prison

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TEHRAN, Iran - A court sentenced the former governor of Iran's central bank to 10 years in prison for violating the country's currency system, a judiciary spokesperson said Saturday.
Besides violating the currency system, Valliollah Seif also had a role in smuggling foreign currency, judiciary spokesman Zabihollah Khodaeian told state TV.Ahmad Araghchi, a then-deputy to Seif, was sentenced to eight years on the same charges, Khodaeian said.
Araghchi was his deputy from 2017 to 2018.State TV said they were involved in violations of the currency market in 2016, a time when the Iranian rial sustained considerable losses in value against major foreign currencies.
The rial exchange rate was at 39,000 to $1 in 2017 at the beginning of Araghchi's time in office but it reached more than 110,000 to $1 by the time he was dismissed in 2018.
The rial has tumbled from a rate of around 32,000 rials to $1 at the time of Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers to around 27,000 rials to $1 in recent months.
The currency unexpectedly rallied for some time after President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the nuclear deal and reimpose crippling trade sanctions on Iran in 2018.The sanctions have caused Iran's oil exports, the country's main source of income, to fall sharply.
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2021.10.16 16:01 indiediscotheque Dlina Volny - Tomorrow

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2021.10.16 16:01 FroggiePond Taking inspiration from someone else's design - help??

Ok, so I wanted to make fanart of a couple characters that I haven't drawn before.
I saw someone's design, and I really liked it, and it inspired me to want to draw the characters.
I wanted to ask them if I could base my design off of theirs, but I'm anxious that it might be too similar and would be more just that person's design rather than my own take on it.
So then I was wondering, so I ask if I could draw their design but with some changes/tweaks, but I'm anxious that it would be too many changes/too different, and wouldn't really be their design, just one based off of it.
What do you suggest I do? I'm really not sure, and I've been getting a bit worked up about it :/.
Thanks! Have a good day/night :) 🌱🌙
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2021.10.16 16:01 ChillnKilln420 D2R Joke and Reset Hype!!

My Vibe this morning after waiting a half hour in the queue to login for D2R lol:
Final Countdown FT. Europe Geico Commercial - Bing video
Reset Nov 5th!? Lets get it -- I bet Bliz won't even have their shit together for D2R Ladder before Christmas at this rate!
Hey If you're on D2R please add me! -- ChillKill420#1212
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2021.10.16 16:01 teshikuYT Free mp4 to xvid converter?

Recently bought a cd and dvd player, and it can also play usb.
I wanted to watch a fanedit i made, but it only plays xvid and doesnt play mp4.
So is there any way to convert it for free?
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2021.10.16 16:01 phoenixgeek How to get rid of scrap wood

Finished replacing the decking on my deck and I now have a small pile of scrap wood from the old deck boards. Any one know of a company that will come pick it up for mulching/recycling or should I just rent a dumpster for a day and toss it all?
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2021.10.16 16:01 seljacina_iz_bmw-a Iritantni samoupravljačko-OOUR-sko-sindikalni mentalitet mojih susjeda

Jedna od stvari koje najviše mrzim kad idem nešto doma raditi (recimo farbati ogradu ili kopati kanal zbog puknute cijevi) a to moram raditi s prednje strane dvorišta, jest što obavezno dođe par mojih susjeda i počnu me zašprehavati nekim glupim small talkom sa svoje ograde, davati netražene savjete ili čak vikati sa svojeg balkona zbog čega se ne mogu skoncentrirati na ono kaj radim nego slušati njihove pizdar*** i odgovarati na njih. Ili mi počnu bacati neke glupe fore: "E, kad završiš tu dođi i kod mene... Često ih ni ne čujem iz prve, pa ja onda moram vikati: "Kaaj?", da bi oni ponavljali to što ionako nikoga nije briga...
Daj, bog te ubio naporni, dosadni, pusti me na miru, reci bok i nosi se dalje, aj mrš! Rant over.
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2021.10.16 16:01 ChrisAltenhof What song for the apocalypse do you want to play when the nukes drop or the meteor hits earth?

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2021.10.16 16:01 heinaga1989 🦏RhinoCoin (RHNC) ⏳Hurry up! We Have Started Our Mission To The Moon!! Public Trading On PancakeSwap✨

🦏RhinoCoin (RHNC) ⏳Hurry up! We Have Started Our Mission To The Moon!! Public Trading On PancakeSwap✨
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RhinoCoin (RHNC) is a new cryptocurrency that is part of a much larger community, product and movement. This is a blockchain ecosystem that encourages and rewards holders, conservation activities and protects endangered wildlife worldwide. We have a list of charity organizations that are ready to partner with us to support this ever-growing movement.

TOKENOMICS: 15% Total Buy & Sell Tax
💸 10% Redistribution 🏦 3% Auto Liquidity 💹 1% Marketing 🔥 1% Burn
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// SPDX-License-Identifier: Unlicensed /* $RHNC RhinoCoin! The RhinoCoin cryptocurrency was created for the singular purpose of protecting wildlife and to help reduce the rate at which they are disappearing. Website- Telegram - Twitter - .....''''''..... ..,;:cllloooooooooolllc:;,.. .';cloooooooooooooooooooooooooolc;'. .,:looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool:,. .':looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool:'. .,cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc,. .,cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc' .:lol:,'..',;:cloooooooooooooooooooooooooolc:;,'..';clol:. 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'cloooooool:...,cdkkOOkdc:cllc:cdkOkkkdl;.'cooooooooolc' .,coooooooolc,...';:cllooolllolllc:;'...;clooooooooc,. .,cloooooooolc:,'................';:looooooooolc,. ..;cooooooooooooolllllllllllloooooooooooooc;.. .';cloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolc;'. .';:cloooooooooooooooooooolc:;'. ...',;;:::cccc:::;;,'... RhinoCoin is a powerful, secure, and energy-efficient cryptocurrency supported by the Rhinoceros conservation movement. The coin has been designed to be supported by the active community of Rhinoceros lovers who help fund the rhino conservation efforts through their participation in the RhinoCoin ecosystem. We are on a mission to create awareness about the Rhinoceros, its conservation and the current poaching crisis that are threatening its existence. The RhinoCoin project is a direct response to the poaching crisis that has grown over the last decade. Join $RHNC and be part of the solution in reviving the endangered rhino. The following tokenomics taxes are on each transaction: • A 10% redistribution tax is taken and given to all holders. • A 2% liquidity tax is taken for direct liquidity boosting. • A 2% burn tax deflates the token and increases the coin’s value. • A 1% sent to the marketing wallet for promotions and giveaways. */ // Imports import "./SafeMath.sol"; import "./Address.sol"; import "./IBEP20.sol"; import "./Context.sol"; import "./IPancakeFactory.sol"; import "./IPancakeRouter01.sol"; import "./IPancakeRouter02.sol"; import "./SafeBEP20.sol"; pragma solidity ^0.8.6; contract RhinoCoin is Context, IBEP20 { using SafeMath for uint256; using SafeBEP20 for IBEP20; using Address for address; address private ownerOfToken; address private previousOwnerOfToken; uint256 private totalSupplyOfToken; uint8 private totalDecimalsOfToken; string private tokenSymbol; string private tokenName; mapping(address => bool) private isAccountExcludedFromReward; address[] private excludedFromRewardAddresses; // holds the address of the account that is excluded from reward mapping(address => bool) private isAccountExcludedFromFee; mapping(address => mapping(address => uint256)) private allowanceAmount; mapping(address => uint256) private reflectTokensOwned; mapping(address => uint256) private totalTokensOwned; // RFI Variables.... uint256 private MAXintNum; uint256 private _rTotal; uint256 private totalFeeAmount; uint256 public taxFeePercent; uint256 private previousTaxFeePercent; uint256 public charityFeePercent; uint256 private previousCharityFeePercent; uint256 public burnFeePercent; uint256 private previousBurnFeePercent; uint256 public marketingFeePercent; uint256 private previousMarketingFeePercent; uint256 public liquidityFeePercent; uint256 private previousLiquidityFeePercent; IPancakeRouter02 public pancakeswapRouter; address public pancakeswapPair; address public routerAddressForDEX; bool private inSwapAndLiquify; bool public isSwapAndLiquifyEnabled; // uint256 public maxTransferAmount; uint256 public numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity; // Release Time Stamp uint256 releaseUnixTimeStampV1; // Addresses address public deadAddress; address public charityAddress; address public marketingAddress; address public teamAddress; address public rhinoContractControllerAddress; address public deadAddressZero; address public deadAddressOne; // Events event MinTokensBeforeSwapUpdated(uint256 minTokensBeforeSwap); event SwapAndLiquifyEnabledUpdated(bool enabled); event SwapAndLiquify(uint256 tokensSwapped, uint256 ethReceived, uint256 tokensIntoLiqudity); event OwnershipTransferred(address indexed previousOwner, address indexed newOwner); constructor (){ // Fee Addresses deadAddress = 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD; charityAddress = 0xD52f2573Ae827acFf5CDb4f5E0dCb4277A0e429E; marketingAddress = 0x80e207AD24b7d71B36149a7CD31945c4f6Bde362; teamAddress = 0xf67E9cd9AD96cEd954D635CE04203f98971Bba84; rhinoContractControllerAddress = 0x7E18AF25E3827e2cc95C73Cc6d2c935787B3273b; deadAddressZero = 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000; deadAddressOne = 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001; ownerOfToken = rhinoContractControllerAddress; emit OwnershipTransferred(address(0), _msgSender()); totalSupplyOfToken = 1000000000000000 * 10**9; totalDecimalsOfToken = 9; MAXintNum = ~uint256(0); _rTotal = (MAXintNum - (MAXintNum % totalSupplyOfToken)); tokenSymbol = "RHNC"; tokenName = "RhinoCoin"; // CHANGEIT YOU MUST CHANGE TO ZERO FOR DXSALE // charityFeePercent = 0; charityFeePercent = 0; previousCharityFeePercent = charityFeePercent; // taxFeePercent = 10; taxFeePercent = 10; previousTaxFeePercent = taxFeePercent; // burnFeePercent = 2; burnFeePercent = 2; previousBurnFeePercent = burnFeePercent; // liquidityFeePercent = 2; liquidityFeePercent = 2; previousLiquidityFeePercent = liquidityFeePercent; // MarketingFeePercent = 1; marketingFeePercent = 1; previousMarketingFeePercent = marketingFeePercent; isSwapAndLiquifyEnabled = true; // CHANGEIT set to false for launch You must change it to true after dxsale numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity = 10 * 10**11 * 10**9; reflectTokensOwned[owner()] = _rTotal; emit Transfer(address(0), owner(), totalSupplyOfToken); // emits event of the transfer of the supply from dead to owner routerAddressForDEX = 0x10ED43C718714eb63d5aA57B78B54704E256024E; // CHANGEIT - change this to real pancakeswap router // routerAddressForDEX = 0x9Ac64Cc6e4415144C455BD8E4837Fea55603e5c3; // For TestNET // V2 Router - 0x10ED43C718714eb63d5aA57B78B54704E256024E // CHANGEIT - this is the one you want for live IPancakeRouter02 pancakeswapRouterLocal = IPancakeRouter02(routerAddressForDEX); // gets the router pancakeswapPair = IPancakeFactory(pancakeswapRouterLocal.factory()).createPair(address(this), pancakeswapRouterLocal.WETH()); // Creates the pancakeswap pair pancakeswapRouter = pancakeswapRouterLocal; // set the rest of the contract variables in the global router variable from the local one // Exclude from fees isAccountExcludedFromFee[owner()] = true; isAccountExcludedFromFee[address(this)] = true; isAccountExcludedFromFee[teamAddress] = true; isAccountExcludedFromFee[marketingAddress] = true; isAccountExcludedFromFee[charityAddress] = true; releaseUnixTimeStampV1 = block.timestamp; // gets the block timestamp so we can know when it was deployed } ////////////////////////////// ACCESS CONTROL FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function owner() public view returns (address) { return ownerOfToken; // Returns the address of the current owner. } function getOwner() external view override returns (address){ return owner(); // gets current owner address } modifier onlyOwner() { require(ownerOfToken == _msgSender(), "Ownable: caller is not the owner"); // Throws if called by any account other than the owner. _; // when using a modifier, the code from the function is inserted here. // if multiple modifiers then the previous one inherits the next one's modifier code } function transferOwnership(address newOwner) public onlyOwner() { // changes ownership require(newOwner != address(0), "Ownable: new owner is the zero address"); emit OwnershipTransferred(ownerOfToken, newOwner); previousOwnerOfToken = ownerOfToken; ownerOfToken = newOwner; } ////////////////////////////// ACCESS CONTROL FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// BASIC INFO FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function decimals() public view override returns (uint8) { return totalDecimalsOfToken; } function symbol() public view override returns (string memory) { return tokenSymbol; } function name() public view override returns (string memory) { return tokenName; } function totalSupply() external view override returns (uint256){ return totalSupplyOfToken; } function balanceOf(address account) public view override returns (uint256) { if (isAccountExcludedFromReward[account]) { return totalTokensOwned[account]; } return tokenFromReflection(reflectTokensOwned[account]); } function getNowBlockTime() public view returns (uint) { return block.timestamp; // gets the current time and date in Unix timestamp } function releaseUnixTimeDate() public view returns (uint256) { return releaseUnixTimeStampV1; } ////////////////////////////// BASIC INFO FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// TRANSFER FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function transfer(address recipient, uint256 amount) public override returns (bool) { transferInternal(_msgSender(), recipient, amount); // transfers with fees applied return true; } function transferFrom(address sender, address recipient, uint256 amount) public override returns (bool) { transferInternal(sender, recipient, amount); approveInternal(sender, _msgSender(), allowanceAmount[sender][_msgSender()].sub(amount, "BEP20: transfer amount exceeds allowance")); return true; } function getTaxValues(uint256 transferAmount) private view returns (uint256[6] memory) { uint256[6] memory taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray; taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[0] = transferAmount.mul(taxFeePercent).div(10**2); // calculate Tax Fee taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[1] = transferAmount.mul(liquidityFeePercent).div(10**2); // calculate Liquidity Fee taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[2] = transferAmount.mul(charityFeePercent).div(10**2); // calculate Charity Fee taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[3] = transferAmount.mul(burnFeePercent).div(10**2); // calculate Burn Fee taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[4] = transferAmount.mul(marketingFeePercent).div(10**2); // calculate Marketing Fee taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[5] = transferAmount.sub(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[0]).sub(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[1]) .sub(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[2]).sub(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[3]).sub(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[4]); return (taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray); } function getReflectionValues(uint256 transferAmount, uint256 taxFee, uint256 taxLiquidity, uint256 taxCharityFee, uint256 taxBurnFee, uint256 taxMarketingFee, uint256 currentRate) private pure returns (uint256, uint256, uint256){ uint256 reflectionAmount = transferAmount.mul(currentRate); uint256 reflectionFee = taxFee.mul(currentRate); uint256 reflectionLiquidity = taxLiquidity.mul(currentRate); uint256 reflectionFeeCharity = taxCharityFee.mul(currentRate); uint256 reflectionFeeBurn = taxBurnFee.mul(currentRate); uint256 reflectionFeeMarketing = taxMarketingFee.mul(currentRate); uint256 reflectionTransferAmount = reflectionAmount.sub(reflectionFee).sub(reflectionLiquidity); reflectionTransferAmount = reflectionTransferAmount.sub(reflectionFeeCharity).sub(reflectionFeeBurn).sub(reflectionFeeMarketing); return (reflectionAmount, reflectionTransferAmount, reflectionFee); } function getTaxAndReflectionValues(uint256 tAmount) private view returns (uint256,uint256,uint256, uint256[6] memory) { (uint256[6] memory taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray) = getTaxValues(tAmount); (uint256 reflectAmount, uint256 reflectTransferAmount, uint256 reflectFee) = getReflectionValues(tAmount, taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[0], taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[1], taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[2], taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[3], taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[4], getReflectRate()); return (reflectAmount, reflectTransferAmount, reflectFee, taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray); } ////////////////////////////// TRANSFER FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// ALLOWANCE FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function allowance(address ownerAddr, address spender) external view override returns (uint256) { return allowanceAmount[ownerAddr][spender]; // Returns remaining tokens that spender is allowed during {approve} or {transferFrom} } function approveInternal(address ownerAddr, address spender, uint256 amount) private { // This is internal function is equivalent to `approve`, and can be used to e.g. set automatic allowances for certain subsystems, etc. require(ownerAddr != address(0), "BEP20: approve from the zero address"); require(spender != address(0), "BEP20: approve to the zero address"); allowanceAmount[ownerAddr][spender] = amount; // approves the amount to spend by the ownerAddr emit Approval(ownerAddr, spender, amount); } function approve(address spender, uint256 amount) public override returns (bool){ approveInternal(_msgSender(), spender, amount); return true; } function increaseAllowance(address spender, uint256 addedValue) public virtual returns (bool){ approveInternal(_msgSender(), spender, allowanceAmount[_msgSender()][spender].add(addedValue)); return true; } function decreaseAllowance(address spender, uint256 subtractedValue) public virtual returns (bool){ approveInternal(_msgSender(),spender,allowanceAmount[_msgSender()][spender].sub(subtractedValue,"BEP20: decreased allowance below zero")); return true; } ////////////////////////////// ALLOWANCE FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// RFI FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function totalFees() public view returns (uint256) { return totalFeeAmount; } function deliverReflectTokens(uint256 tAmount) public { // this is just a burn for Reflect Tokens address sender = _msgSender(); require(!isAccountExcludedFromReward[sender],"Excluded addresses cannot call this function"); (uint256 rAmount, , , ) = getTaxAndReflectionValues(tAmount); reflectTokensOwned[sender] = reflectTokensOwned[sender].sub(rAmount); _rTotal = _rTotal.sub(rAmount); totalFeeAmount = totalFeeAmount.add(tAmount); } function reflectionFromToken(uint256 tAmount, bool deductTransferFee) public view returns (uint256) { require(tAmount <= totalSupplyOfToken, "Amount must be less than supply"); (uint256 rAmount, uint256 rTransferAmount, , ) = getTaxAndReflectionValues(tAmount); if(deductTransferFee){ return rTransferAmount; // if we are deducting the transfer fee, then use this amount, otherwise return the regular Amount } else{ return rAmount; } } function tokenFromReflection(uint256 rAmount) public view returns (uint256){ require(rAmount <= _rTotal, "Amount must be less than total reflections"); uint256 currentRate = getReflectRate(); return rAmount.div(currentRate); // gets the amount of the reflection } function isExcludedFromReward(address account) public view returns (bool) { return isAccountExcludedFromReward[account]; } function excludeFromReward(address account) public onlyOwner() { // if there is ever cross change compatability, then in the future you will need to include Uniswap Addresses, but for now Pancake Swap works, just one router address works require(account != routerAddressForDEX, "Account must not be PancakeSwap Router"); // don't ever exclude the Uniswap or Pancake Swap router require(!isAccountExcludedFromReward[account], "Account is already excluded"); if (reflectTokensOwned[account] > 0) { totalTokensOwned[account] = tokenFromReflection(reflectTokensOwned[account]); // gets the reflect tokens and gives them to the address before excluding it } isAccountExcludedFromReward[account] = true; excludedFromRewardAddresses.push(account); } function includeInReward(address account) external onlyOwner() { require(isAccountExcludedFromReward[account], "Account is already included"); for (uint256 i = 0; i < excludedFromRewardAddresses.length; i++) { if (excludedFromRewardAddresses[i] == account) { excludedFromRewardAddresses[i] = excludedFromRewardAddresses[excludedFromRewardAddresses.length - 1]; // finds and removes the address from the excluded addresses totalTokensOwned[account] = 0; // sets the reward tokens to 0 isAccountExcludedFromReward[account] = false; excludedFromRewardAddresses.pop(); break; } } } function excludeFromFee(address account) public onlyOwner() { isAccountExcludedFromFee[account] = true; } function includeInFee(address account) public onlyOwner() { isAccountExcludedFromFee[account] = false; } function isExcludedFromFee(address account) public view returns (bool) { return isAccountExcludedFromFee[account]; } function takeReflectFee(uint256 reflectFee, uint256 taxFee) private { _rTotal = _rTotal.sub(reflectFee); // subtracts the fee from the reflect totals totalFeeAmount = totalFeeAmount.add(taxFee); // adds to the toal fee amount } function getReflectRate() private view returns (uint256) { (uint256 reflectSupply, uint256 tokenSupply) = getCurrentSupplyTotals(); // gets the current reflect supply, and the total token supply. return reflectSupply.div(tokenSupply); // to get the rate, we will divide the reflect supply by the total token supply. } function getCurrentSupplyTotals() private view returns (uint256, uint256) { uint256 rSupply = _rTotal; // total reflections uint256 tSupply = totalSupplyOfToken; // total supply for (uint256 i = 0; i < excludedFromRewardAddresses.length; i++) { if ((reflectTokensOwned[excludedFromRewardAddresses[i]] > rSupply) || (totalTokensOwned[excludedFromRewardAddresses[i]] > tSupply)){ return (_rTotal, totalSupplyOfToken); // if any address that is excluded has a greater reflection supply or great than the total supply then we just return that } rSupply = rSupply.sub(reflectTokensOwned[excludedFromRewardAddresses[i]]); // calculates the reflection supply by subtracting the reflect tokens owned from every address tSupply = tSupply.sub(totalTokensOwned[excludedFromRewardAddresses[i]]); // calculates the total token supply by subtracting the total tokens owned from every address // I think this will eventually leave the supplies with what's left in the PancakeSwap router } if (rSupply < _rTotal.div(totalSupplyOfToken)){ // checks to see if the reflection total rate is greater than the reflection supply after subtractions return (_rTotal, totalSupplyOfToken); } return (rSupply, tSupply); } ////////////////////////////// RFI FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// TAX FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function setTaxFeePercent(uint256 newTaxFeePercent) external onlyOwner() { require(newTaxFeePercent <= 5, "New percent must be 5 or less"); taxFeePercent = newTaxFeePercent; } function setCharityFeePercent(uint256 newCharityFee) external onlyOwner() { require(newCharityFee <= 5, "New percent must be 5 or less"); charityFeePercent = newCharityFee; } function setBurnFeePercent(uint256 newBurnFee) external onlyOwner() { require(newBurnFee <= 5, "New percent must be 5 or less"); burnFeePercent = newBurnFee; } function setMarketingFeePercent(uint256 newMarketingFee) external onlyOwner() { require(newMarketingFee <= 5, "New percent must be 5 or less"); marketingFeePercent = newMarketingFee; } function setLiquidityFeePercent(uint256 newLiquidityFeePercent) external onlyOwner() { require(newLiquidityFeePercent <= 5, "New percent must be 5 or less"); liquidityFeePercent = newLiquidityFeePercent; } function takeLiquidityFee(uint256 tLiquidity) private { uint256 currentRate = getReflectRate(); uint256 rLiquidity = tLiquidity.mul(currentRate); reflectTokensOwned[address(this)] = reflectTokensOwned[address(this)].add(rLiquidity); // if included gives the reward to their reflect tokens owned part if (isAccountExcludedFromReward[address(this)]){ totalTokensOwned[address(this)] = totalTokensOwned[address(this)].add(tLiquidity); // if excluded from reward gives it to their tokens, } } function takeCharityFee(uint256 taxCharityFee) private { uint256 currentRate = getReflectRate(); uint256 rCharityTaxFee = taxCharityFee.mul(currentRate); reflectTokensOwned[charityAddress] = reflectTokensOwned[charityAddress].add(rCharityTaxFee); if (isAccountExcludedFromReward[charityAddress]){ totalTokensOwned[charityAddress] = totalTokensOwned[charityAddress].add(taxCharityFee); } } function takeBurnFee(uint256 taxBurnFee) private { uint256 currentRate = getReflectRate(); uint256 rBurnTaxFee = taxBurnFee.mul(currentRate); reflectTokensOwned[deadAddress] = reflectTokensOwned[deadAddress].add(rBurnTaxFee); if (isAccountExcludedFromReward[deadAddress]){ totalTokensOwned[deadAddress] = totalTokensOwned[deadAddress].add(taxBurnFee); } } function takeMarketingFee(uint256 taxMarketingFee) private { uint256 currentRate = getReflectRate(); uint256 rMarketingTaxFee = taxMarketingFee.mul(currentRate); reflectTokensOwned[marketingAddress] = reflectTokensOwned[marketingAddress].add(rMarketingTaxFee); if (isAccountExcludedFromReward[marketingAddress]){ totalTokensOwned[marketingAddress] = totalTokensOwned[marketingAddress].add(taxMarketingFee); } } function removeAllFee() private { previousTaxFeePercent = taxFeePercent; previousCharityFeePercent = charityFeePercent; previousBurnFeePercent = burnFeePercent; previousMarketingFeePercent = marketingFeePercent; previousLiquidityFeePercent = liquidityFeePercent; taxFeePercent = 0; charityFeePercent = 0; burnFeePercent = 0; marketingFeePercent = 0; liquidityFeePercent = 0; } function restoreAllFee() private { taxFeePercent = previousTaxFeePercent; charityFeePercent = previousCharityFeePercent; burnFeePercent = previousBurnFeePercent; marketingFeePercent = previousMarketingFeePercent; liquidityFeePercent = previousLiquidityFeePercent; } ////////////////////////////// TAX FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// LIQ FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function swapAndLiquify(uint256 contractStoredFeeTokenBalance) private { // this sells half the tokens when over a certain amount. inSwapAndLiquify = true; // gets two halves to be used in liquification uint256 half1 = contractStoredFeeTokenBalance.div(2); uint256 half2 = contractStoredFeeTokenBalance.sub(half1); uint256 initialBalance = address(this).balance; // gets initial balance, get exact amount of BNB that swap creates, and make sure the liquidity event doesn't include BNB manually sent to the contract. swapTokensForEth(half1); // swaps tokens into BNB to add back into liquidity. Uses half 1 uint256 newBalance = address(this).balance.sub(initialBalance); // new Balance calculated after that swap addLiquidity(half2, newBalance); // Adds liquidity to PancakeSwap using Half 2 emit SwapAndLiquify(half1, newBalance, half2); inSwapAndLiquify = false; } function swapTokensForEth(uint256 tokenAmount) private { address[] memory path = new address[](2); path[0] = address(this); // Contract Token Address path[1] = pancakeswapRouter.WETH(); // Router Address approveInternal(address(this), address(pancakeswapRouter), tokenAmount); // Why two approvals? Have to approve both halfs pancakeswapRouter.swapExactTokensForETHSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens(tokenAmount, 0, path, address(this), block.timestamp); // make the swap } function addLiquidity(uint256 tokenAmount, uint256 ethAmount) private { approveInternal(address(this), address(pancakeswapRouter), tokenAmount); // Why two approvals? Have to approve both halfs pancakeswapRouter.addLiquidityETH{value: ethAmount}(address(this),tokenAmount, 0, 0, address(this), block.timestamp); // adds the liquidity // perhaps in the future I might want to change the minimum amounts that are swapped - the 0, 0, parameters } function setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled(bool enableSwapAndLiquify) external onlyOwner() { isSwapAndLiquifyEnabled = enableSwapAndLiquify; // allows owner to turn off the liquification fee emit SwapAndLiquifyEnabledUpdated(enableSwapAndLiquify); } function setNumberOfTokensToSwapAndLiquify(uint256 newTokenAmount) external onlyOwner() { // addition, in version 1 of NIP, this will allow you to set the numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity later on if you need to. numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity = newTokenAmount; } ////////////////////////////// LIQ FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// PANCAKESWAP FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function setRouterAddress(address newRouter) external onlyOwner() { routerAddressForDEX = newRouter; IPancakeRouter02 pancakeswapRouterLocal = IPancakeRouter02(routerAddressForDEX); // gets the router pancakeswapPair = IPancakeFactory(pancakeswapRouterLocal.factory()).createPair(address(this), pancakeswapRouterLocal.WETH()); // Creates the pancakeswap pair pancakeswapRouter = pancakeswapRouterLocal; // set the rest of the contract variables in the global router variable from the local one } function setPairAddress(address newPairAddress) public onlyOwner() { pancakeswapPair = newPairAddress; } ////////////////////////////// PANCAKESWAP FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// CUSTOM TRANSFER FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function transferInternal(address senderAddr, address receiverAddr, uint256 amount) private { // internal function is equivalent to {transfer}, and can be used to e.g. implement automatic token fees, slashing mechanisms, etc. require(senderAddr != address(0), "BEP20: transfer from the zero address"); require(receiverAddr != address(0), "BEP20: transfer to the zero address"); require(amount > 0, "Transfer amount must be greater than zero"); uint256 contractStoredFeeTokenBalance = balanceOf(address(this)); bool overMinContractStoredFeeTokenBalance = false; if(contractStoredFeeTokenBalance >= numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity){ // check to see if there are enough tokens stored from fees in the Contract to justify the Swap overMinContractStoredFeeTokenBalance = true; // if we did not have a minimum, the gas would eat into the profits generated from the fees. } if (overMinContractStoredFeeTokenBalance && !inSwapAndLiquify && senderAddr != pancakeswapPair && isSwapAndLiquifyEnabled) { contractStoredFeeTokenBalance = numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity; // the reason this is set to that, is to make sure we get the exact amount we are wanting to swap and liquify swapAndLiquify(contractStoredFeeTokenBalance); //add liquidity } bool takeFee = true; // should fee be taken? if (isAccountExcludedFromFee[senderAddr] || isAccountExcludedFromFee[receiverAddr]) { // if either address is excluded from fee, then set takeFee to false. takeFee = false; } transferTokens(senderAddr, receiverAddr, amount, takeFee); } function transferTokens(address sender, address recipient, uint256 transferAmount, bool takeFee) private { if (!takeFee) { removeAllFee(); } (uint256 reflectAmount, uint256 reflectTransferAmount,uint256 reflectFee, uint256[6] memory taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray) = getTaxAndReflectionValues(transferAmount); if(isAccountExcludedFromReward[sender]){ // is the sender address excluded from Reward? totalTokensOwned[sender] = totalTokensOwned[sender].sub(transferAmount); } reflectTokensOwned[sender] = reflectTokensOwned[sender].sub(reflectAmount); if(isAccountExcludedFromReward[recipient]){ // is the sender address excluded from Reward? totalTokensOwned[recipient] = totalTokensOwned[recipient].add(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[5]); } reflectTokensOwned[recipient] = reflectTokensOwned[recipient].add(reflectTransferAmount); takeLiquidityFee(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[1]); takeCharityFee(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[2]); takeBurnFee(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[3]); takeMarketingFee(taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[4]); takeReflectFee(reflectFee, taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[0]); emit Transfer(sender, recipient, taxLiqCharityBurnMarketingFeeArray[5]); if (!takeFee){ restoreAllFee(); } } ////////////////////////////// CUSTOM TRANSFER FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// RESCUE FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// function payableTeamWalletAddr() private view returns (address payable) { // gets the sender of the payable address address payable payableMsgSender = payable(address(teamAddress)); return payableMsgSender; } function rescueBNBSentToContractAddress() external onlyOwner() { payableTeamWalletAddr().transfer(address(this).balance); } function rescueBEP20SentToContractAddress(IBEP20 tokenToWithdraw) external onlyOwner() { tokenToWithdraw.safeTransfer(payableTeamWalletAddr(), tokenToWithdraw.balanceOf(address(this))); } function rescueAllContractToken() external onlyOwner() { transferInternal(address(this), payableTeamWalletAddr(), balanceOf(address(this))); } function rescueAmountContractToken(uint256 amount) external onlyOwner() { transferInternal(address(this), payableTeamWalletAddr(), amount); } ////////////////////////////// RESCUE FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////// receive() external payable {} // Oh it's payable alright. } 
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2021.10.16 16:01 L3uf SHOULD I ACCEPT THIS?

SHOULD I ACCEPT THIS? submitted by L3uf to AdoptMeRBX [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 16:01 PerpetualWinter A Look At Every BAA/ABA/NBA Team Since 1947

The following table contains every BAA/ABA/NBA organization since 1947. Different iterations of the same organization are counted as two separate entities. (i.e. The Los Angeles Lakers and Minneapolis Lakers are separated in this table)
The table is sorted by overall win percentage. Table does not include NPBL or NBL information.

Team Wins Losses Win_Percent
Minnesota Muskies 54 34 0.614
San Antonio Spurs 2603 1694 0.606
Utah Stars 301 198 0.603
Los Angeles Lakers 3362 2215 0.603
Kentucky Colonels 504 342 0.596
Chicago Stags 153 107 0.588
Boston Celtics 3845 2699 0.588
Oklahoma City Thunder 661 483 0.578
Rochester Royals 376 283 0.571
Anderson Packers 41 31 0.569
Syracuse Nationals 627 484 0.564
Capital Bullets 50 39 0.562
New Orleans Buccaneers 150 118 0.560
Washington Capitols 212 170 0.555
Utah Jazz 2032 1630 0.555
Minneapolis Lakers 524 422 0.554
St. Louis Hawks 613 508 0.547
Oakland Oaks 94 78 0.547
Houston Rockets 2323 2025 0.534
Pittsburgh Pipers 94 83 0.531
Portland Trail Blazers 2331 2060 0.531
Phoenix Suns 2418 2157 0.529
Miami Heat 1516 1372 0.525
Seattle SuperSonics 1852 1695 0.522
Milwaukee Bucks 2373 2195 0.519
Indiana Pacers 2435 2293 0.515
Chicago Bulls 2444 2334 0.512
Philadelphia 76ers 2558 2486 0.507
St. Louis Bombers 126 123 0.506
Carolina Cougars 222 218 0.505
Philadelphia Warriors 593 587 0.503
Dallas Mavericks 1753 1753 0.500
Fort Wayne Pistons 331 334 0.498
Denver Nuggets 2026 2058 0.496
Cleveland Rebels 31 32 0.492
Denver Rockets 302 312 0.492
Atlanta Hawks 2215 2321 0.488
Golden State Warriors 2072 2180 0.487
Dallas Chaparrals 211 222 0.487
New York Nets 397 421 0.485
New York Knicks 3027 3213 0.485
Indianapolis Olympians 136 146 0.482
Detroit Pistons 2631 2828 0.482
Los Angeles Stars 86 93 0.480
Toronto Raptors 1037 1144 0.475
Charlotte Hornets 813 906 0.473
Orlando Magic 1271 1419 0.472
New Orleans Hornets 357 401 0.471
Memphis Grizzlies 795 893 0.471
New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets 77 87 0.470
Washington Bullets 934 1058 0.469
Cleveland Cavaliers 2014 2322 0.464
Cincinnati Royals 570 660 0.463
New Jersey Americans 36 42 0.462
Kansas City Kings 390 456 0.461
Minnesota Pipers 39 46 0.459
Kansas City-Omaha Kings 115 137 0.456
San Francisco Warriors 351 426 0.452
Brooklyn Nets 343 421 0.449
New Orleans Pelicans 290 359 0.447
Baltimore Bullets 588 745 0.441
Los Angeles Clippers 1315 1771 0.426
Washington Wizards 840 1133 0.426
Sacramento Kings 1253 1707 0.423
The Floridians 75 103 0.421
New Jersey Nets 1238 1701 0.421
Miami Floridians 71 103 0.408
Tri-Cities Blackhawks 55 80 0.407
Spirits of St. Louis 72 106 0.404
Virginia Squires 215 321 0.401
Buffalo Braves 268 410 0.395
Minnesota Timberwolves 1021 1579 0.393
New Orleans Jazz 161 249 0.393
Memphis Pros 67 105 0.390
San Diego Conquistadors 101 162 0.384
San Diego Clippers 186 306 0.378
Toronto Huskies 22 38 0.367
Pittsburgh Condors 61 107 0.363
San Diego Rockets 121 213 0.362
Charlotte Bobcats 293 519 0.361
Sheboygan Red Skins 23 42 0.354
Texas Chaparrals 31 58 0.348
Detroit Falcons 20 40 0.333
Houston Mavericks 52 107 0.327
Milwaukee Hawks 92 190 0.326
Anaheim Amigos 25 53 0.321
Memphis Sounds 28 61 0.315
Chicago Zephyrs 25 55 0.313
Waterloo Hawks 19 43 0.306
Indianapolis Jets 18 42 0.300
Providence Steamrollers 46 122 0.274
San Diego Sails 3 8 0.273
Memphis Tams 45 123 0.268
Pittsburgh Ironmen 15 45 0.250
Chicago Packers 18 62 0.225
Vancouver Grizzlies 101 359 0.220
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2021.10.16 16:01 Bloop2214 Would people like to see harder weekly challenges

I normally finish the weekly challenges in a few days.
It would be nice to have harder challenges for better rewards.
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2021.10.16 16:01 TheLeviathanZ köpek sıkışmış napim buna

köpek sıkışmış napim buna submitted by TheLeviathanZ to KGBTR [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 16:01 XLG-TheSight Looking for a machine with the ability to "play a song right into" the machine

Looking for a machine where I can "play the pads" + save the whole song, that also (of course) allows me to get in there and tweak the performance after saving that sounds more realistic than synth like, and/or use my own samples.
The ability to somehow sync it with Reaper so I can record guitar, bass, etc into reaper without having to export the drum machine parts to WAV.
Price range is up to ~ $300
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2021.10.16 16:01 Dizzy-Shopping-9143 Giratina raid 3059 3144 2339

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2021.10.16 16:01 Tomcat286 Bionic future model

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2021.10.16 16:01 VikingTheGreat The free freighter

Hi everyone! :D
I have finally done my 5 warps and i can now get a free freighter.
I know that it's possible to get different tiers and it's different how much storage they have. But what is the best free freighter you can get? like how many storage slots etc.

I have done a save so that im able to quit and start over if i get a bad one.
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2021.10.16 16:01 SorrySanguine A modern-day cult of teenage girls.... Introducing r/dreamgender

Not sure if this has been posted before
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2021.10.16 16:01 Nurse-Rae Truly a gem of a video.

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2021.10.16 16:01 mbalug987 Trading everything(except Baresi) for packs with guaranteed new card or coins. Offers in DM.

Trading everything(except Baresi) for packs with guaranteed new card or coins. Offers in DM. submitted by mbalug987 to MADFUT [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 16:01 Salamalamalamandaman Not sure if this has been posted in here - link added to comments. Let’s get to 5000

Not sure if this has been posted in here - link added to comments. Let’s get to 5000 submitted by Salamalamalamandaman to MindHunter [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 16:01 wolfshadow0118 Our store is already getting the spirit of halloween

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2021.10.16 16:01 KabalMain Road rage is the best song on the tape.

Thas it
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2021.10.16 16:01 nin_blox Burger

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2021.10.16 16:01 DnlJMrs giant talon 2 2014 freehub(?) issue

Hi, I have a 2014 giant talon 2 bike, and a while back the freehub body broke. When the wheel was free spinning, it was also slacking the chain and making the pedals move. Anyway, I spoke to giant and they said its the freehub body, so I just got round to getting one and replaced it. Now the wheel spins without taking rhw pedal with it, but there's quite a lot of resistance. I used the same bearings, but I used fresh grease, and the freehub itself is pretty easy to move when it's off the bike, and on the wheel but not on the bike frame. Any suggestions of what it could be or what I need to look at to fix it? Tia
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