Giratina on me 0660 4996 3549

2021.10.16 16:01 MinMijo Giratina on me 0660 4996 3549

Will add as many as possible , hurry 5min left
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2021.10.16 16:01 0divian [Control] A Dark Horse Masterpiece (imo)

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2021.10.16 16:01 Alpha_King007 I got to 5250 with this deck, now struggling to beak through 5300. I’ve tried other variations, with leas success. I know it’s not a traditional setup, any suggestions?

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2021.10.16 16:01 GrandGorilla i don't know if people have the same feeling as me

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2021.10.16 16:01 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: @RaheemKassam Dr*p b*xes magically vanish overnight

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2021.10.16 16:01 Impossible_Ad_4438 Dataset for location, breed and others is needed for lost and found Pets!

Hello friends! I urgently need a dataset which can provide information about lost and found pet (pet type, location when pet was lost, location when pet was found, breed etc). Appreciate your help ! Thank you !
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2021.10.16 16:01 Miunnak Can i please get an identification? (ants are carrying pupae because i disturbed their home under a stone sorry for that)

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2021.10.16 16:01 autotldr UAE says British man arrested for possession of synthetic cannabis oil has right of appeal

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 48%. (I'm a bot)

UAE authorities have said that a British man arrested for possession of synthetic cannabis oil has the right of appeal and his case is now pending the court of appeal's decision.
Billy Hood, 25, was arrested in the Emirates on February 2 and charged with drug trafficking after his car was searched and substantial amounts of cannabis oil were found.
The General Directorate for Drug Control received a tip-off that Mr Hood possessed quantities of synthetic cannabis oil with the intention of selling, according to a statement from the UAE's Public Prosecution.
"Mr Hood has since appealed the initial ruling in accordance with UAE law, and his case is now pending with the Court of Appeal. At all times, he has been treated in accordance with UAE law and applicable international standards", according to an official statement from the UAE Public Prosecution.
"He was represented in his trial by a defence lawyer whom he selected. The UAE provided full access to Mr Hood for UK diplomatic and consular representatives, who visited him in custody," the statement read."The UAE Government considers that drug dealing is a serious crime. Like a number of other governments, it takes a zero-tolerance approach, and this is well known. It seeks to protect its communities from the serious dangers posed by illicit narcotics."
The UN Office of Drugs and Crime has categorised MDMB-4en-PINACA - the cannabis oil that was found in Mr Hood's car - as a Schedule II substance, with severe adverse health effects and fatal intoxication, which has no therapeutic use.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: UAE#1 Hood#2 drug#3 cannabis#4 oil#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2021.10.16 16:01 Baitrix I dag fant faren min ut at non-stop hadde forskjellige smaker på fargene.

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2021.10.16 16:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: jurar

jurar translates to swear
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2021.10.16 16:01 kranthiratna A PERFECT GET AWAY THE MIGHTY KUNTALA FALLS #kuntalawaterfalls #adi...

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2021.10.16 16:01 Strapz0000 Looking For Servers

Anyone know of some good servers for Xbox that allows keyboard and mouse?
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ант береді translates to swear
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2021.10.16 16:01 SamDekkerBot Official: Daily [Anything Goes] Discussion Thread: October 16 2021

Welcome to the daily thread!
Below you will find information on last nights games, as well as the daily schedule. Make sure to join our Discord server.
Yesterday's Box Scores:

Away Box Score Home Synopsis
BOS 100 Link 121 MIA
PHI 108 Link 112 DET
CLE 110 Link 94 IND
WAS 113 Link 115 NYK
MEM 105 Link 118 CHI
DAL 114 Link 103 MIL
HOU 98 Link 126 SAS
POR 97 Link 119 GSW
Today's Games:
Away Home Tipoff
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2021.10.16 16:01 gangangamo Edited within Lightroom, lost original photo but this was the outcome.

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2021.10.16 16:01 RNLittleRabbitInLove 「日本人は確実に貧しくなる」"東京という巨大マーケット"が老いるときに起こる悲劇 - 2040年は「都民の4人に1人が高齢者」

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2021.10.16 16:01 timthelion16 Gawa na lang tayo ng mas makabuluhang bagay.

Gawa na lang tayo ng ibang bagay habang inuulit lang ng mga KNP mga sinabi ni Bro. Daniel. Balik na lang tayo sa pakikinig kapag tapos na sila. Na-ttempt ako mag-workout na lang or magbasa ng libro habang sila yung nagsasalita.
Seriously, kay KDR lang talaga ako nakatutok makinig. Kahit noong una kong napanood mga KNP sa virtual na pagkakatipon at buhay pa si Bro. Eli, sinasabi ko sa bf ko ayaw ko sa kanila, gusto ko si Bro. Eli lang ang nagsasalita. Sabi ng boyfriend ko 'wag daw ako ganun mag-isip kasi pinagkakatiwalaan din sila ni Bro. Eli. Hahaha.
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2021.10.16 16:01 jeffrytony Why is my print looking like this?

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2021.10.16 16:01 OneLurkerOnReddit Summary of Andrew Jackson's First Term | Pax Francia?

Summary of Andrew Jackson's First Term | Pax Francia? What tier would you rate Jackson's first term as president?
The Cabinet:
Vice President: Daniel D. Tompkins (1825-1829)
Secretary of State: John Randolph (1825-1828) [Resigned because of opposition to Spanish-American War], Edward Livingston (1828-1829)
Secretary of Treasury: Martin Van Buren (1825-1828) [Resigned because of opposition to Spanish-American War], John Branch (1828-1829)
Secretary of War: John C. Calhoun (1825-1826) [Fired], John Eaton (1826-1829)
Attorney General: William Findlay (1825-1828) [Resigned to run for the Senate], Matthew Harvey (1828-1829)
Secretary of the Navy: John Eaton (1825-1826) [Made Secretary of War], Philip P. Barbour (1826-1829)
Postmaster General: John Branch (1825-1828) [Made Secretary of Treasury], William T. Barry (1828-1829)
Minister to France: Robert Y. Hayne (1825-1829)
Minister to Britain: Edward Livingston (1825-1828) [Made Secretary of State], Daniel Garrison (1828-1829)
President of the Second National Bank of the United States: Albert Gallatin (1820-)
Domestic Policy:
- After getting elected, Andrew Jackson's first priority was choosing a good cabinet. He had to balance three factions of the party: southern Jacksonians, northern Jacksonians, and southern States' Rights Democratic-Republicans. He appointed two northern Jacksonians to the cabinet: a competitor of his within the Democratic-Republican Convention of 1824, Martin Van Buren, was appointed Secretary of Treasury and the former Governor of Pennsylvania, William Findlay, was appointed to the position of Attorney General.
- States' Rights Democratic-Republicans were appointed to the positions of Secretary of State and Secretary of War. John Randolph was appointed as Secretary of State because Jackson owed him a debt from the Convention, and John C. Calhoun was appointed as a hope to attract former Federalists. Jackson originally wanted to give Calhoun the position of Secretary of Navy, but Calhoun demanded to be the Secretary of War, Treasury, or State. Jackson acquiesced and made him Secretary of War.
- That left only the position of Secretary of the Navy for southern Jacksonians. Jackson remedied this problem by elevating the position of Postmaster General to a full fledged cabinet post. He appointed a protegee of his, John Eaton, as Secretary of the Navy and former Governor of North Carolina, John Branch, to the position of Postmaster General.
- After inauguration, Andrew Jackson removed a little less than a thousand minor officials from positions in the Federal Government, replacing them with officials that supported him. This has been strongly opposed by many Federalists and Bucktails.
- In 1825, he also expanded voting rights, so that now, all white men over 21 can vote.
- Next, he signed the Indian Removal Act of 1826, which allowed the president to negotiate with southern Native American tribes to move them west of the Mississippi. The act only narrowly got through Congress.
- However, most treaties signed with Native American tribes have only been agreed to by a small portion of the population. The Choctaw, Creek, and Chickasaw tribes have begun their long and painful journey to the west.
- To the disappointment of many Jacksonians, Jackson has only lowered tariffs moderately.
- He has not built any big internal improvements during his term, mostly because he and his cabinet has been occupied by other things that he deems more important. However, Jackson has succeeded in paying off the most of the National Debt ever payed off in a single term.
- At the end of 1825, rumors started circulating the White House about Margaret "Peggy" Eaton, wife of Secretary of Navy, John Eaton. Those rumors accused her and John of having an affair and accused Peggy of being sexually promiscuous or even a prostitute.
- Jackson took the Eatons' side and wanted to find out where these rumors were coming from. He eventually found out that they were coming from Floride Calhoun, wife of his Secretary of War. Jackson, enraged, confronted John C. Calhoun, who defended his wife's actions. This eventually lead to a shouting match, where Calhoun was fired from the cabinet. The rest of the cabinet defended the Eatons.
- Jackson then elevated Eaton to the position to Secretary of War and employed States' Rights supporter Philip P. Barbour to serve as the new Secretary of the Navy. Jackson would have a much better relationship with Barbour than he had with Calhoun.
- After the disappearance and assumed death of former Mason William Morgan in 1826, Anti-Masonic sentiment has broken out throughout the country. It has also lead to the formation of the Anti-Masonic Party. Jackson, a high ranking Mason himself, has denounced this party and movement.
- The debate on Jefferson's Ordinance specifically and the expansion of slavery as a whole proved a very important issue during Jackson's presidency. Former Vice President Thomas Jefferson himself came to Washington to witness Jackson's inauguration, but mostly to speak in favor of his ordinance. The 82 year old statesman would die on his way back to his home in Virginia. Even John Jay, the president who passed it, wrote a letter in support of the ordinance from his farm in the state of New York.
- However, all of this would not be enough. Anti-slavery forces had pluralities in Congress after 1824, but they were nowhere near the 2/3 necessary to repeal the Compromise of 1809 to stop the expansion of slavery into the west and accept the territories there as states.
- Jackson pushed for compromise on the issue, wanting to repeal Jefferson's Ordinance so that the western territories become states according to the Compromise of 1809, where slave states can't be accepted without a free state, and the other way around. This proved unsuccessful, as most people were on either one of the extremes of the spectrum, on this issue. Congress would be remain deadlocked on the issue. In 1826, Jackson, frustrated, made the Second Annual Address to Congress, where he accused both abolitionists and strong supporters of slavery of wanting to "tear the Union apart."
- In the midterms of 1826, Jackson's expansion of voting rights payed off, as the Jacksonians became the plurality in both Houses of Congress. However, Compromise could still not be reached, as Jackson knew that even if he got half of all Federalists, Bucktails, and Anti-Masons on his side, Jackson would be still a few votes short, in terms of repealing Jefferson's Ordinance.
Foreign Policy:
- As the size of the military was already increased by his predecessor, Jackson thought it unnecessary to increase it more. Instead, he focused on keeping the military equipped with modern weaponry. He also kept the ships in the navy repaired and in good condition.
- Under the leadership of Secretary of State John Randolph, the Jackson administration negotiated trade agreements with the Hanseatic League, Prussia, Denmark, the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the Kingdom of Tahiti. He started negotiations with Austria for a trade agreement.
- Jackson also negotiated a trade agreement with Britain, to open the British West Indies up for American trade. This is something that his previous two predecessors had tried to make happen, but failed.
The Spanish-American War (domestic and foreign policy)
- Rebellions break out in 1826 in the Viceroyalty of New Spain (also known as Mexico) as the people are sick and tired of being managed by the incompetent Spanish. This causes a snowball effect as the rebellions spread through the Spanish Americas into the Viceroyalties of New Granada, Peru, and Rio de la Plata. Jackson has publicly supported these rebellions, using strong populist rhetoric to encourage them. This has severely damaged relations with Spain, and more importantly, its ally France. The Spanish have sent troops to put down the rebellions, but they have not been dealt with yet.
- In 1828, the territory of the New Philippines (also known as Tejas) started its own rebellion, south of the United States. The Spanish attempted to crush the rebellion, and partially did, as a large rebel force was defeated in the town of Dallas. The rebels scattered to all sides, but a force lead by Frank W. Johnson retreated northeast... into American land. The Spanish pursued them. This is known as the Foreman Incident, after the town in Arkansas where Johnson would arrive on March 6th, 1828.
- The province of the New Philippines was mostly made up of former Americans. That's why, after the Foreman Incident, many common men and women in the US began demanding war with Spain, who they view as having gone into American land illegally with hostile intent. Congress, however, was more divided, with many Jacksonians supporting war, while many Free Soilers and Federalists oppose it.
- Jackson, however, saw the Foreman Incident as an opportunity to both help the rebellion in Tejas and solve the issue of slavery. Because of his personal dislike for Henry Clay, he approached the Federalist faction lead by Senator Daniel Webster and former president John Q. Adams (who was reelected to the House in 1826). Jackson proposed that Adams and Webster convince their faction of the party to support war with Spain and then, if it passes, support Jackson's policies in the war. In exchange, Jackson promises that after the war, he would support the repeal of the Compromise of 1809, which would effectively ban slavery west of the Mississippi River and north of the Ohio River.
- This was a tough decision for Adams and Webster, as they knew that if the US wins war with Spain, Jackson likely will annex some islands in the Pacific Ocean, which will, according to Jefferson's Ordinance, be allowed to have slavery. However, in the end, they still accepted Jackson's proposal, because they considered banning slavery in the west to be more important than not having slavery in the east.
- The declaration of war was only passed by a margin of four votes in the House, because while most Jacksonians supported it, the Clay wing of Federalists still opposed it, thinking that banning slavery in the west, even if more slave states would be accepted in the east, would ultimately still be unsatisfactory for the south. Another group that opposed the war were the faction of States' Rights Democratic-Republicans, who indeed were opposed to the compromise Jackson presented to Adams and Webster. There were also some States' Rights supporters who were opposed to the war on the ground of it being nationalism creeping into politics.
- But, the war still passed. The Spanish-American War was declared on May 14th, 1828.
- While Jackson himself strongly supported the war, not all of his cabinet members agreed, as Martin Van Buren and John Randolph both resigned from his cabinet in protest of it. William Findlay also resigned, but because he wanted to run for the Senate. Jackson needed three cabinet members to replace them. As Secretary of State, he chose the former Minister to Britain, Edward Livingston. For his services, he elevated Postmaster General John Branch to the post of Secretary of Treasury. He appointed former Senator from Kentucky William T. Barry as the new Postmaster General. Jackson also replaced Pennsylvanian William Findlay, with another northerner, former New Hampshire Representative Matthew Harvey.
- While at the beginning of his presidency, Jackson had a good relationship with Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins, it soured when Jackson accused abolitionists (of which Tompkins was one) of "tearing the Union apart." However, they reconciled to a certain extent before the Spanish-American War, when Tompkins wholeheartedly supported it.
- Major General Sam Houston has been sent into Tejas with Frank W. Johnson to support the revellion, while General Winfield Scott has been sent further south into Mexico. The navy has been clashing with the Spanish Navy around Cuba. Theoretically, the Spanish have a better military, but a lot of it is tied up in South America, fighting rebellions there.
- The war has ruined relations with France, which proclaimed its support for its ally Spain. However, France has not yet declared war on the US or deployed troops in the war. The British have expressed support for the US.
Supreme Court Appointments:
- To the disappointment of many Jacksonians, only one Supreme Court Justice would die in this term. Thomas Todd died in 1826, and the president replaced him with John Wilson Campbell, a supporter of his from Ohio.
World Politics:
- The civil war in the Ottoman Empire comes to an end in 1826, as after several stunning victories by the still great Muhammed Ali, formerly of Egypt, Mahmud (now Mahmud II) usurps Mufasa IV and kills the former Sultan along with his family. Despite that, Mahmud's rule remains unstable as the Janissaries still hold a lot of power in the Ottoman court.
- One of Mahmud's first acts as Sultan is giving Greece independence. The Greeks had been revolting since 1821, and during the civil war, they gained a lot of ground. The country of Greece has had a hard time getting international recognition, as keeping the Ottomans stable is in most great powers' interests.
- On January 4th, 1825, Louis XVI of France dies at the age of 70. He succeeded by his son, Louis XVII. The new king brings large changes to the French court. First, he differs in temperament to his father, as while his father was timid and a bit submissive, the new king is an aggressive and dominating personality, often shouting at his advisors in order to achieve is ends. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Louis XVII was also more supportive of reform than his father, supporting a Constitution and financial reform.
- For some, this wasn't enough. A year into Louis XVII's reign, a group of radical reformers lead by elder statesmen Maximilien Robespierre and Paul Barras attempted a coup, with the support of General Jean-Baptiste Jourdan. This failed, as the conspirators were defeated and promptly executed. While Governor Napoleon Bonaparte of Egypt wasn't part of the plot, he is held in high suspicion by Louis XVII, because his brother, Lucien, was a leader in the attempted coup.
- After the coup, the king lost faith in reformism, taking a turn in a conservative direction. He no longer supports a parliament or a Constitutional Monarchy. This turn is encouraged by much of the French noble elite, but some, like Louis Philippe, the Duke of Orleans, oppose it.
- Because of the rebellions in the Americans, Spain tightens its grip in Naples.
- In Vietnam, Minh Mang slips further into isolationism, as he has started rejecting Catholic missionaries and distanced himself from foreigners even in his own realm. Mang considers all western ideas as unorthodox and hostile. He has also rejected an offer of alliance with Burma, against Siam.
- Multiple deaths happen in Europe during Jackson's first term. Maximilien IV Joseph of Bavaria dies in 1825, and is succeeded by his son, Ludwig I. Also in 1825, Nicholas I succeeds Alexander I as Emperor of Russia. Finally, in 1826, John VI of Portugal dies and the throne is taken by Peter IV.
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कसम खा translates to swear
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2021.10.16 16:01 PurpleStarr9 Breaking into a derelict asylum we were hoping to film some paranormal activity

I was the only one who made it out alive
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2021.10.16 16:01 ACubeInABox “Look Uncle Ben!”

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