I know what’s with these homies dissing my girl.

2021.09.29 00:09 Azlander I know what’s with these homies dissing my girl.

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2021.09.29 00:09 tomexplodes Now I have lagging and de-synced audio in cutscenes/games

I downloaded the Rocky5 Extra's Disc, copied it and the xbe over, mounted it, and updated my softmod. Then I set back up the default UnleashX dash and skin, and FTP'd several more games over. Now, everything is running slow, including games de-syncing and lagging. I tried swapping to the XBMC4Gamers dash in case it had something to do with UnleashX, but no change. What have I done wrong?
1.1.8 of the softmod, 500gb SATA hard drive with new StarTech adapter, 40-80 pin/wire cable, 1.6 Xbox, 166ish gb still free on the drive. So that's a whole bunch of games installed. Did I screw something up somewhere or can it just not handle this many games installed at once?

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2021.09.29 00:09 ContactLess128 Feel like I've hit a wall in therapy

I (26m) feel like therapy can no longer help me. I started going to my current therapist who is a great person and good at her job since this April. However, I feel like I've hit a hard limit of therapy.
For some context, I was working at a temp data entry job after being unemployed for 2 years due to depression. I have an MA and BA in political science but tbh I don't think I can get much outside of data entry or customer service. However, I really don't want to work in those fields and I can't pay to go back to school without working those jobs. My therapist told me to try changing my perspective and that I was just doing this until I could do something better but I feel like I'm done with my life.
Should I quit therapy? Is my life over like I think it is? I'm just so done with life.
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2021.09.29 00:09 robhoey The gentler and sensitive Taliban execute a child

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2021.09.29 00:09 palmerston7 Sentinelx for free?

I keep seeing everyone saying they’re getting the sentinelx for only the cost of shipping. I can only find it for $49...what am I doing wrong...?
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2021.09.29 00:09 HastaMuerte [PS4] H: 3:1 BUNDLE of Ari/AP/25LVC Fixer + AriE250 Handmade + Ari25FMS Fixer! W: Fixer/Handmade offers/ offer (No junkies/jug)

[PS4] H: 3:1 BUNDLE of Ari/AP/25LVC Fixer + AriE250 Handmade + Ari25FMS Fixer! W: FixeHandmade offers/ offer (No junkies/jug) submitted by HastaMuerte to Fallout76Marketplace [link] [comments]

2021.09.29 00:09 ThickRick208 Fall colors showing strong in Utah

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2021.09.29 00:09 DescriptionNo7881 PS5 Performance

Let me start off by saying how much I am into the vibe of this game. Its absolutely incredible and I can't wait to keep playing it.
But at the minute with it struggling for performance on PS5 and not being 60 frames, I'm not enjoying playing it.
Either the motion blur is too much or the 30 cap isn't good enough because the game feels too blurry while moving the camera or moving around.
I am also getting a lot of screen tare.
Hopefully they can sort out a patch for next gen soon because I really want to play the game and see it in all the glory it deserves.
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2021.09.29 00:09 APersonCalledAlex Super synergistic decks

I built a Yuriko deck a little while ago and it is my favorite deck, every card is essentially useless by itself but together form an absolutely broken engine. I still love the deck but its a bit powerful for my playgroup and tends to win very quickly. I was wondering if there were any decks, preferably complicated ones with layered and unique combos/win cons. Ideally not tribal or not a common one. I really like that Yuriko has multiple steps, getting unblockable creatures, getting ninjas, and setting up the top of my library. I'm looking for a deck with loads of moving parts but that when it comes together combos off really well or generates insane amounts of value.
Thanks for your help
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2021.09.29 00:09 d-r3d84 New to the group, but not to the Ramcharger, got my Dad’s 77 from him this past weekend.

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2021.09.29 00:09 Electrical_Agent_370 Shouldn't the input in the pm solver be the same as the output of the preceding step?

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2021.09.29 00:09 Wonderful_Chair4354 In what circumstance the Republic of China (Taiwan and Hainan islands) remained as UN Security Council after 1971?

Let's say the PLA communists army abruptly couldn't succeed to invade Hainan Island due to uncoordinated buildup beach offensive assaults. The invasion of Hainan Island ended up disastrous that during Korean War the PLA refrained from invading ROC Hainan Island.
View Poll
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2021.09.29 00:09 sonyface Правило

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2021.09.29 00:09 nmarques86 I got a incompatible NVMe SSD.

Recently I got a Synology Ds920+ and a pair of NVMe SSD for cache (SK Hynix Gold P31 1TB SSD - PCIe NVMe M.2). Now I want to configure it but it says that it’s not compatible and I may lose data. Does anyone have any experience with that? In case I can’t use for cache what should I do with it?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.29 00:09 yankees710 7th Inning Showdown: You now get runs for the final showdown after beating the mini boss

I’m pretty sure this is new and the first time I can recall this happening. But you get 3 runs applied to the final showdown if you defeat the mini boss in the 7th inning showdown.
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2021.09.29 00:09 truncheondungeon Jaime Jarrín, Dodgers Spanish-language broadcaster, to retire after next season. Calling local games Since '59.

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2021.09.29 00:09 lil-catfish Does anyone know the best Universities for Computer Science with good NM finalist perks?

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2021.09.29 00:08 burnki [WTS] Squale 300 meter Swiss Automatic GMT

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2021.09.29 00:08 Kalechipxtraordinayr I (29f) realized I want kids and partner (30m) will NOT.

Little backstory: I’ve worked in childcare of some sort for 14 years and been a professional nanny for 10. Kids are the thing that bring me the MOST joy in life. I’ve personally gone back and forth on having my own multiple times and almost got married to my ex which would have definitely led to kids (dodged that bullet). After I ended that and met my current partner 1.5 years later I was pretty certain that though I wanted to work with kids in some fashion forever, I wouldn’t have my own. He told me from day 1 he would absolutely not have kids for multiple reasons (a big one being the mental illness on both sides of family including himself is EXTREMELY rampant). I was like cool works for me! Now I’m almost 30 and this past 6 months it’s begun to be very clear to me that when I envision myself 10 years from now I’m married with 1-2 kids and if I don’t have my own it will be my life’s regret. So. My question is. Has anyone been in this position? You love your partner but something as big of a dealbreaker like this comes up and you know it has to end but you just can’t bring yourself to do it? I’m so heartbroken and have been pretending that everything is fine even though I think he has a feeling something is off. We barely have sex anymore (which is huge issue as I am usually extremely motivated in that area), I want to avoid being around him and vulnerable as much as I can, I cry in secret all the time and even at work (I care for twin babies and a 2.5yo boy so I look at them and have so much love and desire for that)… can’t get a goddamn therapist because they’re all booked out 3-4 months, I’ve called so many. On top of that the market is insane right now and financially I don’t have enough to just up and get my own place. Again, I know what has to happen and I know I will be okay in the end cause I always am, but I’m so scared for him and all the logistics and can’t stand the idea of him never being in my life again. I’m feeling so lost.
TD;LR: one partner wants kids other doesn’t, how to go about ending a 3 year relationship. Who’s been in this position before?
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2021.09.29 00:08 opusbot RANT**STOP TELLING ME I DON'T LOOK DISABLED****

I have had so many people in my office tell me that I don't look disabled, or I don't act disabled based on the fact that I can walk and that I exercise. I have to exercise to make sure my muscles stay in place, I know I can walk but every day, I wake up in extreme pain because I subluxated something in my sleep. It's absolutely ridiculous that I have to explain this to people. Because my my EDS I've had several corrective knee and tibial surgeries, but I don't feel like I owe people that explanation. I'm just so frustrated that I have to keep telling my HR department that they blocked the handicapped ramp but I should just take the other entrance because it's 'just a few steps'. It's draining to have people look at you and see a normal person and shame you for using handicapped accomodations.
I'm just tired.
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2021.09.29 00:08 SPAC_Time Lucid Starts Production of the Groundbreaking Lucid Air in Arizona; Customer Deliveries to Begin in October - LCID LCIDW

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2021.09.29 00:08 hichamind Dacia Spring Review: Range, Price, Specs

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2021.09.29 00:08 ottoman-disciple HONG colored

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2021.09.29 00:08 Amazing_Ad6665 Hot

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2021.09.29 00:08 Gaston-bruh Names on helmet

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask it but why do players have their name on their helmet during practice or during training camp ? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
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