Alles von ihr sogar deepfake

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2021.09.29 01:43 flyingboi22 Alles von ihr sogar deepfake

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2021.09.29 01:43 Asweomeboi The wonders of paper

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2021.09.29 01:43 Fine_Eagle_1536 Magnetic Charger? & other accessories (SSD)

So I’ve just ordered my MBA, and I’m wondering has any been using a good magnetic charger for it? I’ve seen a lot of them go bust after a months use. Just wondering if people have experienced maybe a better option than the other ones on the market?
That lead is defo going to get snapped I can already feel it😂
does anyone have any other good accessories for the MBA ( maybe good external SSD’s etc)
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2021.09.29 01:43 DoeWhatWeDoIzWrng SS

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2021.09.29 01:43 The-Devilz-Advocate "I AM THE SENATE."

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2021.09.29 01:43 XLIRYAX O igxust7sr7s

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2021.09.29 01:43 Jurserohn Y'all think this is worth anything?

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2021.09.29 01:43 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.29 01:43 PCofSHIELD It would be awesome if you can support my channel where I make movie or TV tributes

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2021.09.29 01:43 FranciscoFJM What exactly do i have to do to redeem all of Hitman 1's content in Hitman 2? (Steam)

I know, this must be the millionth time somebody asks this, but im really confused right now.
So, after having Hitman 2 on my Steam backlog for so long, i decided that this would be my next videogame to play. I happen to own Hitman 1 and all of its DLC aswell, and i was told i could just play all of it in Hitman 2, but right now im not able to!
First time booting up Hitman 2 the game gives me a gift for owning Hitman 1 (Some kind of briefcase? i dont remember) And i see that i can choose to play Hitman 1's campaign or Patient Zero from the menu, but when i try to do that it sends me to the Steam store to buy the so called "Legacy Pack". The thing that confuses me is that i was told you can redeem that for free if you own the first game, but that doesnt seem to be the case for me...
Do i have to have both games installed for that to work?
Do i have to do something in Hitman 1 to send its content to Hitman 2?
Do i have to have an IOI account to link both games together?
Im a complete newbie here, so sorry if all of this sounds dumb.
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2021.09.29 01:43 _matchesmalone_ Distro for old Samsung Tab2 10.1 tablet

Anybody know where I can score an old image of Ubuntu Touch for an old Samsung Tab 2? or any suggestions on a current distro that I might be able to get to work on it?
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2021.09.29 01:43 Nemitres Que dolor

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2021.09.29 01:43 Carrotcake789 I'm 24f, never been kissed or been in a relationship AMA

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2021.09.29 01:43 Aware-Lavishness3877 How to access Team Folders on Synology Drive Client!

Hi all: I possess shared folders on a DS920+ which I can fully access‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­on a networked Mac and Windows 10 PC. Now I have installed Synology Drive and while I can see My Drive in file explorer I am unable to see the Team Folder with the sub folders I actually want to access? How do I access these team folders also within Drive client? The team folders are "enabled". Screenshots below. Thank you. ​
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2021.09.29 01:43 Letsgothrifty Fifth time this p&s has been in Disneyland marking 6 years with this, my first camera.

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2021.09.29 01:43 Helpful-Telephone422 My man cheated with a girl who is in a relationship but he doesn’t want me to tell her boyfriend.

I have been in a relationship for three years with this man and I recently found out that he has been messaging his “friend” Celeste dirty messages. She came to my house and would spend hours with him alone. He always said he needed to talk to her alone because she has a lot going on and trusts him since they were young. So I was never in the room. I always got a weird feeling because of how giggly she is with him and one time I heard him tell her , “stop not right now wait until she’s not looking” which threw me off but I thought nothing of it. Last night I went through his phone and found out EVERRRYYYYTHING omg it was so nasty I couldn’t believe it. I feel so cheated especially because I would question him and he’d tell me that I’m crazy for even thinking that he would do something like that.
Idk I’m stupid I think lol bc we talked it out and I’m staying with him. Tbh I don’t trust him right now things are so hard. It’s hard for me to leave the room bc I think he’s going to turn around and text her again. Anyway I don’t think it’s fair that she just got blocked and will continue to do whatever the fuck she wants with her mans feelings. I have his Facebook account, should I tell him? Also I’m scared to do so because when I brought it up with my man he said I should do something like that and all these things as to why it’s wrong. Oh I’m 22 and hes 24. She’s 24? Idk I know they went to school together…
I thought of making a fake account and telling him that way but he’d want the screenshots. I just don’t want my man finding out that I did tell him that Celese is cheating. Lol this is so confusing 🙃
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2021.09.29 01:43 ackeliebeats *FREE* NBA Youngboy type beat 2021 - "Scared Feelings"

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2021.09.29 01:43 Dr_BloodPool What are your hopes for your future?

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2021.09.29 01:43 gothamster Pretty sure these are Lycoperdon perlatum/puffballs, but a confirmation would be helpful! Last photo is them halved and peeled to prep for cooking (any suggestions?)

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2021.09.29 01:43 nahyalldontknow Champions are a terrible idea

Admit your wrong and get of them bungie. Champions are stupid /thread
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2021.09.29 01:43 TrashClear483 I've seen people unironically argue like this

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2021.09.29 01:43 moosemerch We’d probably have too much food on earth if he did

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2021.09.29 01:43 PrincessPixiexx I finished my job yesterday. Now for a 2 week holiday!!

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2021.09.29 01:43 RootedExpeditions 🤯 KEEP IT OR DEMOLISH (It’s said that Village wants to tear it down)

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