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2021.09.29 00:43 No-Surround5369 [Request] Labels

I am looking for newly made labels starting from the ground up to grow with. I have a great sound and a lot of potential. I just want to have a team behind me to help me get places. If you’re interested in adding someone new to your roster you can send me a dm. Or if you’re just looking for a feature I can help you out for free. My Instagram is abm.mon
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2021.09.29 00:43 Personal-Pineapple-5 Trader Joe AVAX ::: Tomorrow … 🧸

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2021.09.29 00:43 Geo85 Cozumel/PDC Questions

After almost 2 years of being shut in I'd like to travel to Mexico during the month of January to escape my country's weather and get out and explore. I'll have the whole month. I'd like to take some surf lessons while there - something I've never done before even though I'm pretty good in the water. I've heard scuba-diving is also cheap and plentiful and I have my Rescue License already - though I don't think I could afford a whole month of diving. Cheap surf lessons sound fun.
Cozumel and PDC look like decent candidates but I'm worried they might be... too touristy? Too commercial? I like to hang out and make friends with locals. I prefer to give my money to local shops run by Mexicans. I prefer to avoid other party-going Canadians/Americans/ex-pats. I can't stand the resort crowd. Will Cozumel be too touristy for my taste? Can I stay in a central(ish) location and not have crowds of expats and tourists around me? Are there many local places to eat besides Buccaneer Bob's Big Tacos & Burgers? Can I take surf lessons with a local shop for the month I'll be there? Any help qualifying the question of "How touristy is Cozumel" would be much appreciated.
If it is too touristy - is there another location in Mexico someone would recommend? Warm, full of history and culture, a cool arts scene, beaches and/or mountains to explore are my ideal.
I'm also worried that Cozmel (I don't have this worry for PDC) is a little bit too isolated with having to take a ferry to PDC to get anywhere else. I'd like to explore a little further out - visit Isla Mujeres, see some cenotes - make a few day trips. Will being in COzumel make that difficult - which might make PDC a better option?
I've traveled extensively across Latina America (pre-pandemic). My level of Spanish is quite proficient but short of perfect - I'd love to take some language lessons while there if any can recommend a teacher.
Bonus question: How difficult is travel overland across Central America into Mexico at the moment. I'll be landing in Managua and I'd ideally travel overland to Cozumel over the course of a few days. But it's a little early for that question seeing as I'll travel in January - I'll ask again in December. But if anyone wants to give me an idea now...
Many thanks in advance for any and all answers.
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2021.09.29 00:43 PurpleCheeseCake_ r/GothStyle

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2021.09.29 00:43 Playful-Ostrich3643 Ninja turtle army, gives user enough turtle power to destroy an army

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2021.09.29 00:43 rejectednomad Chevy volt gen 1 Service High Voltage Charging System was caused due to Catalytic Converter Low Efficiency and Engine Temp Sensor issue?

Long story short I received the "Service High voltage Charging System" Message on my 2015 chevy volt as soon an I put the car in park from a 120 mile trip.
When I received that message I looked up a few things online, and I found a few possible issues that causes this message. One was to check the coolant in the High Voltage battery reservoir, so I've checked it and sure enough it was slightly lower than the recommend level.
My guess is that it either it evaporated due to the 110F heat in the area or I had a leak in the coolant lines for the high voltage battery. So I decided to leave the car sitting for 24hr and I saw no leaks afterwards, but I still was not convinced it wasn't a leak.
I decided to call a tow truck and send it to the nearest dealership since it is still under warranty and the towing was free.
A week later, the service advisor from the dealership tells me that the tech found the issue. The service advisor said that the error code that the tech pulled was P0420 catalytic converter low efficiency and needs to be replaced and the Engine coolant temp sensor is "out of range" and will also need to be fixed (both covered under warranty).
so my question is how is it possible that both of these malfunctioning components cause a "Service High voltage Charging System" message?
I asked the service advisor about the "Service High Voltage charging system" message and they've said it was due to these "issues".
Also, when I found the possible issues for this message none of these components came up as a possible malfunction.

Volt Details
Year : 2015
Total Miles : 62,000
Electric Miles 18,000
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2021.09.29 00:43 TheGingerSanta Anyone know what these are? I get multiple a day from different “people” but they aren’t going to my spam folder… any help?

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2021.09.29 00:43 jakoby953 The current state of the discourse:

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2021.09.29 00:43 FrolickingFinns4ever [Thank You] for a bunch of fun mail!

Plungers, flower bikinis and spooky season you all where bringing me joy!
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2021.09.29 00:43 Comfortable_Ease_602 Meal time tantrums from 16Mo

16Mo gets VERY upset if I touch her food or if she’s in her high chair and she doesn’t have food in front of her immediately. I try to just let her eat without interference but she will stuff so much food in her mouth until she chokes so I will break her food up into portions and make the chewing motion accompanied with “let’s eat what we have first”. I will be leaving the family soon but this has always baffled me, is this normal?
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2021.09.29 00:43 Pierced_Mama [Thanks] u/Pasvanti!

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2021.09.29 00:43 BuddhistFirst Sept 30 - Who is Tara? (Venerable Chodron)

At the invitation of the Rainbow Body Sangha, Venerable Chodron will be giving an introductory talk on the Green Tara practice. You can join the session on YouTube Live.
Sep 30, 2021
8:30 am PST
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2021.09.29 00:43 justfnpeachy Chatham anti-lockdown activist announces she has COVID-19

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2021.09.29 00:43 Thattiredgurl Kids being kids I guess

I just found out my classmates joked about ripping out my insulin pump or giving me a bunch of cookies and I feel really terrible right now. How do y’all deal with the jokes?
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2021.09.29 00:43 Peter-Griffins-pants My boy playing Csgo in the middle of class on a school chromebook

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2021.09.29 00:43 AZphan Next stop, 2 more finds! Griswold No.6 and a unmarked 6.5” skillet

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2021.09.29 00:43 cbvv1992 🔥80% Off Code – $5.40 Kid's Night Light

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2021.09.29 00:43 eli4_6 [LAPTOP] Asus TUF A17 17.3" Gaming Laptop (R5 4600H, GTX 1650, 8GB, 512GB, 144Hz) New with Warranty - $798.99

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2021.09.29 00:43 IEatRed Men that have switched from Galaxy to iPhone, What are your thoughts?

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2021.09.29 00:43 LordFunkyHair I wish I could understand how to talk to women

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2021.09.29 00:43 jamieluna66 PS5 Lag

Anyone else experiencing a little lag or slow down in certain career mode screens? I see to get a pretty big stutter some times during negotiations screens. Thanks
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2021.09.29 00:43 Luke-Hatsune The Binding of Isaac plus all DLC on sale

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2021.09.29 00:43 frice2000 Very Fluffy "skeb" By "タブヘッド"

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2021.09.29 00:43 angesmith93 Levo 2 Infusing machine! What do I make?

I am getting a Levo 2 tomorrow. I’m definitely going to make some butter for cookies and probably coconut oil for candy and gummies.
Any good recipes or ideas?
Thank you!
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2021.09.29 00:43 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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