Our own Family Proclamation

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2021.09.29 01:58 dieselfried Our own Family Proclamation

I reread the church's Proclamation and I'm ashamed I ever had that hanging in my house. I don't think I ever really absorbed how hateful, it really is, but that's no excuse. So today, I wrote my rebuttal to the church's hate doctrine.

 Family Proclamation 
We, our family solemnly proclaim that marriage is a symbol of love and is between those who choose to love someone, no matter their gender, and that the marriage is theirs to define.
All human beings are created equal. Each is loved and worthy of love and gender does not define their role in life.
We have earthly bodies that will never be perfected but should enjoy our earthly experiences and make life divine. Life can be divine and family relationships should be cherished before the grave. Relationships are sacred.
The Earth has limited resources. There are lots of people in this world who suffer from the effects over overpopulation. Family size should be considered so that everyone is able to have access clean water, food, and healthcare.
We choose to let women make their own choices with regards to their bodies.
The power of creating life is an enormous responsibility that requires love, kindness, and forgiveness. The earth has limited resources, as do we all. Be mindful when welcoming children into your home that you can provide for them not only financially but emotionally. Be weary of institutions and teachings that declare to have moral purity and want to control thought and deeds through shame. Teach that actions have consequences, both good and bad, and that we should try and treat with others with respect.
Families can be messy. Lineage, nor heritage create a family. Love and acceptance creates a family. Successful marriages, relationships and families cannot be held in strict parameters. Relationships evolve and needs change. Be willing to grow with your family and not measure it against culture or religious ideals that will exclude family members from being allowed to be happy within themselves. Love presides over the family. Gender does not define family roles. We all have individual strengths and weaknesses and should strive to make sure everyone's needs are met.
We warm those who seek to harm our family members through abuse, both physical or mental, or try to shame or make to feel less than, we will stand with them and always let them know they are loved and accepted.
We call upon all organizations, both religious and government to not define our relationships and notto tell us who we should and how to love.
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2021.09.29 01:58 Missosos [For Hire] Digital artist open for commissions - chibis, pet portraits, cute art and isometrics!

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2021.09.29 01:58 KronoLite70 Will the roster be released ahead of time for preseason games?

Hey guys, just curious if anyone will be posting a roster for these games from the Avs organization or if we'll have to wait til game time to find out. Thanks!
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2021.09.29 01:58 CMO_3 Wingnut

I have a vague memory from when I was really young of someone referring to Dick as Wingnut instead of nightwing but have can't find the clip no matter how hard i try. Does anyone know if im making this up or did this actually happen? btw I believe it was in an animated show
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2021.09.29 01:58 Lustfulmaiden I just set up a new mortuary exhibit. How does it look?

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2021.09.29 01:58 Elegant-Position3364 💩 Mini Poop 💩 - Stealth Launched - Low MCAP - x1000 incoming - Doxxed dev - Clean chat - Bullish chart - Real poop

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2021.09.29 01:58 throwitawaynow-10 Accidentally added to invite for some sort of fraternity meeting. Link and password below.

Password: Yale1845
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2021.09.29 01:58 SapphDesu Discussion of Claims of Censorship

I'm sure we've seen the image floating around making the claim that some Genshin related forums are censoring or mass deleting posts with negative comments towards the anniversary rewards, seen in this post: https://twitter.com/99Teutons/status/1442742969350561794
Aside from the claim that signatures are no longer available to be edited in game that I could verify, and two Hoyolab posts that have been deleted, I could not find any more evidence of this actually occurring. In a discussion with a friend about the logistics and plausibility of this actually being the case, and in the interest of making claims with evidence to back, I'd like to ask for players whose posts have been deleted on Hoyolab or other forums for the sole reason of negatively commenting on events of the past few days to provide me with proof that their post has been deleted, such as a link or a picture. I'm sure that in the interest of not spreading misinformation and unsubstantiated claims and and in the interest of actual discussion this thread can be allowed to stay up.
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2021.09.29 01:57 Divergent_ NC skiing at its finest. These map posts are making me antsy for opening day at my favorite slope

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2021.09.29 01:57 cryptocurrupt PIRATE CALLS ------Newest safe call channel on telegram join now!!!!! https://t.me/piratecalls

PIRATE CALLS https://t.me/piratecalls
Welcome to all new members i have made this group to give out safe calls for BSC community,I will only be calling out trusted developers coins and developers that i have worked with in the past. invite your friends and lets hope to get some x's.
i thought its best to do somewhat a ape level system so here it is.
As Always You Should Always DYOR (Do your own research)
⚔️—- Risky Small Ape DYOR
⚔️⚔️—-- Small Risk Good Developer Previous Coins Safe
⚔️⚔️⚔️——Safe No Need To Worry
join now before you miss out 100 members at the moment and already called a couple of 100x LFG
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What it says on the tin. :]
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